5 Keto Recipes That Will Fill You Up • Tasty

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47 thoughts on “5 Keto Recipes That Will Fill You Up • Tasty

  1. Wanna fill up for real? Have a low-sodium–zero-carb–fat-free soup on the side along with any of these high-calorie recipes.

  2. Smh… Americans.. They think when u throw loads of cheese on everything it automatically makes it a great dish

  3. We don't get decent avos in our country… All the good ones are exported and the tax payers, as silent partners are left with the crap that are stringy, tasteless, and are sold unripe so all us suckers can pay megabucks for Avos that will half rot before ripening.
    We all need to be forming co-ops in our communities, be it apartment blocks, or residential/rural .
    We need to forsake the supermarkets, refuse the so called organic retailers and farmers markets, and grow our own. I say farmers markets if their goods are going to be very expensive… Like I've noticed the trend here.
    Did you know organic produce can have a spray on it so it retains some sort of shelf life?
    The Back to Eden guy said when he went to see an organic producer, his dog wouldn't touch the veges (whereas, that dog is a vegan on Paul's property). Paul exclaimed to this guy… apparently he couldn't understand why his dog wouldn't touch it.
    Then the organic guy said he has to spray his veges before they go to be sold for better shelf life.

    Have you ever passed multitudes of properties with their signs out the front in horticulture areas that say "organic spraying in progress "?
    Have you noticed these guys are suited from head to tail?
    What? With "organic" sprays????
    The organic thing is just another vitamin supplement band wagon.
    Are you all as fed up as I am with paying for a "brand".
    My produce don't get sprayed and I haven't had to spend money on animal testing, so why would I sell my produce with the same greed that orthodox fruit and vege retailers sell them at.
    Are we all missing something here?

  4. This is legit my favorite recipe you have posted especially during my detox so thank you so much. I am a new mom and when my son turned 7 months, I noticed my FUPA (Fatty Upper Pubic Area) was still there, so visible when I wear dresses and jeans, pfft forget about jeans, they didn’t even fit me. For all my mommies who are struggling with this stubborn piece of fat that just won’t go away, I made a homemade detox tea recipe that has helped me with cleansing my colon and body by getting rid of old toxins and salt. Oh, and it helps with bloating and regulating menstrual cycle. My son is 10 months now and I only take it 4x a month and I have literally lost about 7lbs a month with my detox tea and your yummy recipes. http://bit.ly/2XS7vwe

  5. Shouldnt it be Spinach & artichoke CHICKEN rolls
    Not spinach artichoke spinach rolls?
    Yall dont pay attention sometimes lmao

  6. The cauliflower mac and cheese is quite good. I also found a powdered cauliflower "flour" at the store recently that can make something similar to mashed potatoes. Very low carb "mashed potatoes" with butter and cream and some cheddar cheese.

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