what I eat in a week (healthy + easy recipes)

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37 thoughts on “what I eat in a week (healthy + easy recipes)

  1. i live in a rectangular box (a dorm) so i don’t have much of an opportunity to cook but i definitely want to recreate these meals in the future 💚

  2. Your recipes are great because anyone can make it and it’s not intimidating to prepare! I’ve been binging all my fave vegan YouTuber’s what I eat in a day videos this week so I’m glad you posted!

  3. watching this while eating hummus and mushroom toast that I discovered from one of your videos. put a drizzle of balsamic glaze on top and chef’s kiss

  4. I didn't realize best buy sold kitchen appliances am I… literally dumb? I love seeing your meals they look so yummy and filling!

  5. My best friend was really sad for the animals after the aussie bushfire and was asking for vegan food ideas and i sent him your vids and he was really encouraged.
    Now he is a vegan.
    Better late than never

  6. Nothing more satisfying than coming home from work to a notification from Lindsey and especially Lindsey cooking. Perfect to sit back and relax.
    Favorite youtuber ever! 💖

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