A full day of eating/cooking WITH RECIPES! What I ate today as a vegan. Easy & simple! ⭐️BLACK FRIDAY 50% OFF MY COOKBOOKS‼ 100+ RECIPES: …

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40 thoughts on “WHAT I EAT/FULL DAY OF EATING + RECIPES (easy & healthy)

  1. Thanks Maddie I love it when you do recipe vlogs that sweet potato stew is delicious bowl of yumminess I've made it before from your ebook but I've also done it with pumpkin & sweet potato 👌👌😋😊😊

  2. hi, I just bought the bundle- THANK YOU! however, there are no ring sizes written down on recipes- so if I make a batch of oatmeal from your 'what I eat for life' book I dont know if its for 1 or 2. can you please help?

  3. I love that your starting to promote yourself more. You've accomplished so much, at such a young age and seeing you acknowledge that more is beautiful.
    Like "yeah, this wrap is a 10/10, but do you know what's an 11/10? LITERALLY ALL OF THE RECIPES IN MY EBOOK".

  4. Hi. Thank you for the sale. I bought both of the books. And I really like them. I am so excited to try the recipes. Oatmeal is the best :D. Lots of love from the Czech Republic :).

  5. GIRL I was the chicken finger QUEEN too! 🙂 So glad those days are over LOL, but how cool is that there are so many vegan "chicken" options now?!

  6. Great video! I think what was missing from the baked oats was salt. Try adding 1/2 tsp salt to it next time, it really rounds out and enhances all the flavoursI I make baked oats and homemade granola all the time and there's a huge difference between salted and unsalted.

  7. Saw this video then went to the kitchen to make the oats as a late night snack. No regrets. My new favourite dessert recipe xxx

  8. Haha I do the same thing when I make good food 😄 My boyfriend can always tell if im enjoying my food because I dance! Love u guys so much ❤

  9. When you said chicken nuggets I thought you meant they weren't vegan and I literally gasped 😂😂 haha love you

  10. Yum, love the look of the oatmeal hun, we call it porridge here ☺
    I'm gonna make this tommorow, something different can't wait to try it 😘 and your wraps OMG yum! I've recently just got vegetarian so I'm gonna try that as well.
    Thank you for sharing ♥
    I love your content xx

  11. YouTube has unsubscribed your channel over 7 times. I only know you post a new video because it shows up in my recommended. So weird and annoying but I love your videos ♥️

  12. Sooo happy, my vegan royals are early for me(just woke up) and THANKSSS FOR THE SALE ♥️ just bought always oat and I loooove it just like the first one! Thank u for inspire me in my vegan journey and be so positive Maddie 🌞

  13. That cooking in the kitchen looks like editing masterpiece! Something I have been trying to make too, but my kitchen is soo dark for nice videos 🙈
    And yes baked oatmeal!!!!

  14. Hiii! I love your channel btw
    And I’m really longing for another trip to South Africa and my family also is and you vlogging is really nice but could you maybe show a bit of nature and shots of the town or a vlog when you do some activity like when you went down to the sea, because that looked so beautiful ❤️ the food seems sooo fresh over there and I still remember my first frozen yoghurt from a street in Cape Town before it even was a worldwide thing😍

  15. Buffalo chicken wraps are amazing. I also use my air fryer to make buffalo cauliflower for a whole food version. Put buffalo cauliflower in a wrap and it's delicious.

  16. ccavideos and covers November 23, 2018 at 3:15 pm - Reply

    When my favorite YouTubers post, I scream and wake up when I get the notification and end up binging on all your videos! Keep up the good work!! Love you Maddie 💓💓💓

  17. Not sure what happened to the first one you put up but….good morning Maddie! Love all your videos, such a beauty ! Hope you have a fabulous day! Love ya girl! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ such an inspiration!

  18. Your videos are so inspiring!!❤️✨ I love what you do and the message you spread💘 you’re such a genuine person!
    Ps: those wraps look soooooo good!!!😛

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