Weekend In My Life | Fitness, Clean With Me & Healthy Lunch Recipe

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50 thoughts on “Weekend In My Life | Fitness, Clean With Me & Healthy Lunch Recipe

  1. How funny, I am the same way. It wasn't until our last trip that we tried that and it is so much better when you put the stuff away as soon as you get home because then you don't have to look for things in your suite case because they have already been put away. I was just like you leaving it for days and then I would go into the suitcases to look for things throughout the week. My husband is like Matt, puts it all away.

  2. It depends on what time I get home haha, if it's as late as you guys got home, I throw them on the floor and deal with it the next day. If its earlier, I like to put it all away and have a clean house to come home to.

  3. Your family is so beautiful ❤️. Love these kinds of vlogs! I’m a leave my suitcase and pick from it for days and then deal lol.

  4. I need a workout plan before hitting the gym too…otherwise I do the same thing you do! Or, I take a class. I prefer to have someone just tell me what to do lol.

  5. You pre-Matt sounds exactly like me! Not eating breakfast, making the bed, putting away clothes. It sounds like he’s really helped you implement some life changes that are small but make a big difference! I would love for you to talk about old nicole vs new nicole and the changes you’ve made to make your days more productive and have an overall more rounded lifestyle.

  6. I unpack right away unlike my kids. Hate to see the mess the day after and also believe in cleaning out the fridge before I head out for a weekend and take out the trash. Don’t want to find science projects when I come home.

  7. I’m a procrastinator 😜. It takes me a few days to unpack.
    I’m obsessed with your pumpkin bars. I make them every week. They’re so good.
    How do you get your canned coconut milk so smooth? Every can that I open it’s clumpy and even after whisking it I still can’t entirely get all the clumps out. What am I doing wrong and what can I do to fix it?

  8. Husband is Matt and I’m the old you when it comes to unpacking..my bag can sit for awhile😁 but we always clean the house before we leave 👍🏻

  9. I'm a total Matt!! Want everything away, organized and clean. Then it's done I can enjoy rest of day and not have to worry next day!

  10. me and my boyfriend do the same way. we make sure the house is clean before we leave for out of town and it’s the best thing ever coz you don’t want to get back to your dirty home and do the house work after a tiring trip.

  11. I used to take days (sometimes a week) but ever since having a child I do it right away. That way I can get a load of laundry in right away also!

    Side question – how many ounces is your swell bottle??

  12. If I go to Toronto say for a week I will unpack as soon as I get home vs a 2-3 week sun vacation, then it takes me days to unpack lol

  13. ok I am Matt…. based on what you do after a trip.. hahaha love you both <3
    hahaha seriously you and Matt are opposite of my fiance and I. I unpack RIGHT away and my fiance takes a week. I can't get comfortable until everything is in it's place:)

  14. If it’s a long trip I wait at least 1 day. But if it’s a short trip I put everything away once I’m home. I have gotten into the habit of leaving our condo clean when we go away and it’s a good feeling!😊

  15. I ALWAYS unpack the moment I get home, especially after travel. I sleep easier knowing everything is clean and stored away.
    Oh and more Mom Cam please, she's so fun 😊

  16. If we go for a long vacation I tend to unpack, wash all clothing and put everything away the next day. If its an overnight stay I put everything away when we get home. I also like to have the house clean when we leave. Love watching your videos. Looking forward to making your pumpkin pie for our Thanksgiving.

  17. I have to unpack right away! Not because I want to, but it just feels better to have it all done and then I can just relax. Also, not a fan of laundry either. My clean laundry will sit in the basket for days! Until I have 3 full clean baskets and no room so I’m forced to fold it all… like I’m doing now

  18. BringInThe Sunshine October 21, 2018 at 5:58 am - Reply

    Have to unpack immediately. I also try to keep things tidy throughout the week so I don’t spend my weekends cleaning. I try to follow the rule, that if it takes less than a min to put away/clean then I do it right away. 😀

  19. Madhu Sandaruwani October 21, 2018 at 5:58 am - Reply

    Hi madam. I am madhu. I am your very biggest fan. Love u sooo.. much. Sister don't angry me. Are u can give to me ur old clothes? I don't new clothes. Please madam. I am sri lankan. I am pure

  20. When I get in from a trip, everything thing needs to get put away and I do any dirty laundry if any. Since I hate packing dirty clothes I try and do wash before heading back home. It's a Gemini thing. Enjoyed your "early" Thanksgiving, lovely family.

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