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34 thoughts on “Week 1 on the Paleo Diet

  1. does Paleo necessarily mean grain-free? I tried grain-free recipes but they just don't fill me up, it's weird. I feel hungry all the time. I'm Russian and feel the best with some foods that grandma used to feed me that includes some heavy loaf of rye bread. What you guys are eating looks too small to me. Also no soups? I cannot go a day without a soup with bone broth of course.

  2. I would, and I have done it in the past and experienced meat fatigue. being a person of petite stature I like to save meat for mostly infrequent deep craving times and just stick with alternates like eggs and fish/seafood.

  3. How old is Griffin? I'm looking and researching whole 30 for us, and also nervous for my sons who are very young. (mostly dreading the detox phase everyone talks about)

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  5. Been on it for almost 2 months now, and I still love it! I've lost 17 pounds in the last 7 weeks. Could have lost more, but I eased my way into paleo. I only did like a couple paleo meals a day (breakfast & dinner) and ate a normal lunch… my fastest weight loss was when I cut lunch out, drank a crap load of water & was strictly paleo! As well as 30 minutes of exercise a day. That's when it kicked into high gear. And I feel amazing. My skin seems healthier. I have plenty of energy. Which is also, in part, a result of sleeping better at night.

  6. I agree Ozzie. This is not paleo. No salt, processed meats (even if they are routed as paleo), minimal root vegetables, no more than 6 eggs in a week. Then it would be Paleo. Pick up the book.

  7. The problem with the philosophy behind 'Paleo' is that it seems to be saying that grains are unnatural because of tools, but then doesn't admit that killing implements like spears, bows and arrows, guns, etc, are also 'not natural' in the sense that they were created by humans to survive, and are not tied to our biological needs in any real way. Sure, we needed to make these tools to survive in a wild world where we represented a meal for the real carnivores (big cats, wolves, etc) and thus had to defend ourselves, but the development of meat-eating of larger animals (almost all of them herbivores) by humans is as unnatural (biologically speaking) as grain-eating. Enslaving, torturing, raping and butchering animals is in fact, utterly unnecessary for human health. Grain is also unnecessary, if you have enough of vegetables, fruits, nuts fungi, seeds, etc.. If the human biology can adapt (as the Inuit have) to become almost entirely carnivore, it can also adapt to eating lots of cultivated grains (as, say, Mexicans and Asians do.) Of course, there are always rules culinarily speaking, as to how this is done to best effect. Whether either of these is 'optimal' is besides the point, if we are just trying to survive, you must have sustenance. But if we are looking at food-producing systems within the wide band of temperate and semi-temperate (more with greenhouses) regions of the world, 80% or more of inhabitable land, then local, 'closed-loop' vegan food forests and polycultures are the way to go, democratically run, non-patriarchal. listening to children and the elders. Spears and guns have their place for protecting children from violently aggressive individuals and groups, human and other, not killing for sport, passion, or religious belief, and the 'Cultification' of carnism (well represented, all those years ago, by Mithra's Bull image. "Blood sacrifice to feed the essence of Life/Please 'God'") within the context of a 'nutritional fad' is rather dismaying to the rational mind, not to mention the empathetic heart. Zoroaster, Jesus, Buddha, they were all asking you to stop the senseless killing, but you did not. Now it is computerized, automatized, normalized killing, all day, every day, so you can 'get in touch with your essence'. Ick! Gross!

  8. is eating 2 palm sized portions of lean meat a day with loads of nuts and fruits and veggies considered paelo?

  9. is eating 2 palm sized portions of lean meat a day with loads of nuts and fruits and veggies considered paelo?

  10. Please try a Vegan diet for couple of weeks? Help save some lives and the health of the environment 😀
    I also want to see how being vegan effects children. Can they do it happily ? XXXX

  11. No, I'm trying to become a vegetarian myself but what I don't get about the paleo diet is that you can't have dairy but I thought prehistoric humans domesticated cows, sheep, goats, etc for milking???? How far back in prehistoric times is this diet dating back?

  12. That menu looks great. Prob way more advanced than what some people eat. I think the fat intake makes a big difference with the carb deficit. I recommend if one is feeling fatigued or tired on the diet them eat more fat.

  13. good for the improved diet but Caveman did not have most of all that. And modern veggies and fruit has been bred to be tasty or sweet. I would say Cavemen had 1% of what the modern "caveman diet " includes

  14. I did this diet once and ended up in the hospital. Your husband is on point when he said he does great with carbs.
    Not every ancient society ate paleo. Asain ones always had rice, very northern ones rarely had fruit.
    Our genetic mskeup is not the same, and doesn't stem back thousandS of years but roughly 1 thousand, eaf according to your ancestors znd where they were located at that time. Iv you're mixed, like my baby wil be (half north African half dutch) there are certain tests to take to see which diets are "best". As my husband grew up in North Africa, his body thrives on loads of rice & a small amount fatty meats like lamb, and thats about it. I need more protein than him, and waaay less carbs, bjt essentially I'm a "mixed type" which means my body requires an even balance of protein to healthy carbs. My husband is a carb type, meaning he needs more carbs. He's in optimal health when he eats 2/3 main daily meals with almost no protein except maybe an egg.

  15. This is the standard definition given to the so called "Paleo diet" but it's not accurate. In fact the name "Paleo diet" itself is misleading. As far as I know it started with guys like Loren Cordain who had the hypothesis that out bodies evolved to eat certain foods just like all other animal species. There have been numerous studies and research done and it has evolved just like we have. It has very little to do with "what cavemen ate." That was only the starting point. Now it has become an "antiinflammatory diet" but that's not as catchy and marketable. It is an elimination diet, it's about eliminating foods that cause inflammation, like gluten, and keeping omega 3 (inflammatory) and omega 6 (antiinflammatory) in balance, and so on.

  16. Go Wisconsinites!! I could not go a day without cheese! Went to state fair this weekend and had a dairy overload but sooooo good

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