PUMPKIN RECIPES | 6 Easy Healthy Pumpkin BREAKFAST Recipes

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28 thoughts on “PUMPKIN RECIPES | 6 Easy Healthy Pumpkin BREAKFAST Recipes

  1. I am really excited about trying the pumpkin oatmeal recipe. I have made the pumpkin oat muffins that you had a few videos back, and I love them. I love this channel. Thank you for sharing healthy, delicious options!

  2. And made this pancakes this morning. To die for. Discovered I didn’t have cottage cheese after I started so subbed in pumpkin apple sauce. Worked perfectly!

  3. Your Ignorance is their Power . October 14, 2018 at 10:26 pm - Reply

    These are supposed to be healthy !!
    Wheat bread causes cancer. Yes !! Cancer.
    They are leaving warning signs on the packaged bread.
    It's filled with Glysophate.
    What's Glysophate ?
    It's the poison they put in Round – up
    Microwave ??
    Wow !!!
    Microwaves leak out radiation.
    Pfffft !!!!

  4. Thank you so much! I love pumpkin season! Everything looks so yummy! I have a question about the macros for the pancakes. It’s 25 grams of protein per pancake?? 😱 Or are those macros for the whole recipe?

  5. Pumpkin frech toast! Mind blown 🤯 I have a sprouted cranberry bread pumpkin seed bread that I bet would be delicious with this!

  6. So yummy! Two of my favorite channels and I can't wait to try the french toast. I'm headed over to Mind Over Munch now…thanks!

  7. OMG I cannot decide. These three recipes looks so yummy 😋. I think that I’m going for the Pumpkin 🎃 oatmeal as it is totally new for me. Then those pancakes 😩😍💕.
    Thanks for sharing

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