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  1. Heena Ali Qazalbash April 24, 2017 at 12:21 am - Reply

    love your videos tish ! could you please do meal prep ideas for snacks on the go and desserts. It would be so helpful and interesting to see what plant based things you come up with ??

  2. I subscribe to about 25 channels but you are my favourite right now. looking to buy your ebook soon when have enough pennies in piggy bank…..atb

  3. Tish – You've inspired me to eat more plant based/meatless meals. Your recipes are great and I just purchased the ebook. For what its worth, I've never purchased anything from a youtube channel. Keep after it!

  4. I enjoyed this Tish. I prepped my meals yesterday and have quinoa leftover. I now have an idea for a quinoa dish. xo

  5. Great timing! This week I have a busy week. I'm going to prep the chia oat pots and the quinoa and chick pea pot today. Thanks Tish!

  6. Hey there…I just discovered your channel today. I am currently transitioning from vegetarian to vegan. What kitchen appliances do you recommend to be really successful eating healthy like this.

  7. Fantastic…definitely on my way to market today & will be picking up what I need to do a couple of these recipes!!! I love these kinds of vids for sure!!

  8. Hi! Tish! You don't like a peanut butter? I don't really see you use that in your video.
    I'll make this almond butter dressing! look so good! We love your video!!! 🙂

  9. I love this, Tish, I'm going to make this, your hair is pretty, what do you put in your hair and body, is it coconut oil?

  10. OMG Tish your the best and to think I clicked on your video whilst I had some quinoa cooking. Will be making the 'one pot' and I NEEEEEED that cashew yogurt in my life. Where did you buy it from? THANK YOU AND YOUR VIDEOS/ RECIPES ARE CREATIVE, EASY AND FUN..x

  11. Boogersandunicorns76 April 24, 2017 at 12:21 am - Reply

    thanks for the video ideas. I am a collage student and I couldn't imagine having to prepare and chopp veggies everyday.

  12. OMG, why don't you have your own show. You feature the best and easiest way of cooking here on YouTube, and your pleasant, calming demeanor, together with your beautiful, flawless face, WOW!!! just beautiful.

  13. This was so helpful! ? Definitely trying all of these recipes. I'd never thought of making a dressing out of almond butter I'm super excited about that.

  14. I'm not even Vegan i love watching your videos… i have a question thos breakfast jars.. can they be heated up before u add all the toppings?

  15. That quinoa and chickpea one pot is blessssss ?? I've made something similar to that before but I added sweet potato as well for that sweeeeeetness?

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