Meal Prep Low Carb – Low Cal Recipes

I’ve got some low cal recipes that are perfect for recipes for losing weight. My salmon burgers are good for high protein meal prep and the kale chips are low cal …

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44 thoughts on “Meal Prep Low Carb – Low Cal Recipes

  1. I would love to see more recipes on chicken. Chicken needs so much love for seasoning so different recipes would be great to see

  2. Bobby my man, whenever I see your video in the subscribtion list, my mood skyrockets, and I know it's gonna be awesome 10 minutes of fun! ^_^ Keep up the good work!

  3. absolutely loved this video!! can you do a few more just like this one of healthy, low cal meal prep? I'm going on vacation in May and need some good healthy meal prep ideas.

  4. I can't stop laughing that you went to a cafe dressed as a hipster just for 3 second clip in your video ?? you're a complete dork haha don't ever change

  5. Thanks So much……:) 🙂 🙂 U so funny Bobby…eating Kale chips…nd with those glasses……fun to watch u …cooking with so much Fun…….:)…Waiting for more recipes…..Wat to eat for dinner …Meal prep for Dinner…:)

  6. can you do a fully vegetarian or vegan meal prep for meatless eaters or for people who just wanna cut down on animal products?? please and thank you, king of flav city.

  7. Mmmmm, reminds me of my grandmother's salmon croquettes. Definitely worth a try. I know you've been doing tons of weight loss meal prep, but could you do some healthy high calorie meals? I'm trying to make gains in the gym, lol. Also, I work wear I can't leave the building and I am a huge snacker. Snack options would be Thanks!

  8. New subscriber here! Would you please do chicken tenders coated in quinoa, instead of bread crums. And add a dipping sauce, or two. lol .Thank you . Looking foward to your next video.

  9. It does look good and I think I will try it… I just have to say that I dont think the chickpea/edamame salad is low carb tho. Looks very nutritious and tasty, just don't know about the low carb.

  10. Angela Prendergast February 4, 2017 at 10:22 am - Reply

    How about doing a meal prep with a white fish like cod. I'm going to attempt your crispy skin salmon and cauliflower rice meal prep tomorrow fingers crossed for me you make it all look so easy

  11. please somthing which can be eaten cold, I'm going to high school so something like steak or fish is not such an idea to me because I don't have microwave in school :)

  12. Hey Bobby, what about a Work Meal Prep? I'm running out of ideas on what I could heat up in our office microwave 🙁 Not really a fan but that's all we have at my job.

  13. Recently started following you and I love the recipes, very new and refreshing! I would love for you to come up with healthy LOW CARB salty snacks like the kale chips, thanks for all your hard work!

  14. How about a soup meal prep? There's a bug going around Chicago right now so some soup sounds good.

    How many kinds of kale are there? That doesn't look like what I usually get.

  15. JourneyToABetterMe February 4, 2017 at 10:22 am - Reply

    Pilaf rice! Indian or Somali or Arabian would be cool I wanna see what spices you would use and how can it meal prep? You're always hooking us up with info

  16. This looks great. I am going to try and cook one of your meal preps every week. More budget conscious meal preps please.

  17. You have one of the best cooking Youtube channels I've ever seen! Tried your meatloaf and beets recipe and it was a hundred times over more delicious than I thought it would be, thank you for taking the time to make these videos! I'm gonna watch anything and everything you post, so no requests from me!

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