Meal Prep Budget – Low Cost Recipes

I’m making meal prep budget with my grilled chicken recipe. These are low cost recipes that are perfect for budget friendly recipes and budget meals.

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33 thoughts on “Meal Prep Budget – Low Cost Recipes

  1. Could you make some more low cal/weight loss meal preps :D? I binged through all your meal prep video and love every single one of them!

  2. Looks amazing! I made the Greek chicken breast with spaghetti squash last week and it was sooo good. I'm going to try this meal prep recipe this week. Love your videos and your shirts! I love the go fork yourself shirt. I seriously LOL'd. Where do you get em?

  3. I just found your channel today and I've done nothing but sit and watch your videos! I would love to see more salads, sandwiches and wraps as more of a lunch option for those who like to eat those type of things mid day. Also some snacks that would satisfy us folks with a sweet tooth but not make us feel bad afterwards!

  4. I have a lot of "literally"s going on:

    -I'm literally writing down all of your recipes in my personal recipe notebook!
    -Literally made 5 of your recipes so far, loveee them all!
    -Literally so happy I found this channel!

    You're awesome Bobby! Your help literally helps out so much lol #keeponcookin!

  5. Am I lazy for thinking I might just toss the chicken briefly in the glaze rather than brush it on? Either way, all three recipes look great. I might do that "tabouli" for a pot luck lunch I am going to tomorrow.

  6. Hey Bobby! I have a little thing I noticed in your videos, that there is a line downwards about one inch from the left side. You can see it at 1:461:47 for example. It looks like that the sides are not in sync with the middle of the screen. Maybe it is only on my end but this is what I have noticed. Love your vids and recipes man, you are awesome 🙂 Keep it up! #FlavCityRules

  7. Your videos are one of my favorites to watch! They are so informative and everything you make always looks delicious and healthy. Did you say fart water when referring to the canned chickpeas? lol

  8. That looks amazing! If I used a different citrus would it still work? We don't have lemons or lime here but we have something that's a bit sweeter than a lemon or lime but still sour.

    Also, can you do a video where you can prepare alternating lunch meals for one week – so you don't have the same thing everyday? Thank you!!

  9. I searched your channel for roasted fresh asparagus and fresh green bean recipes and couldn't find any. Do you have recipes for those or could you include these in any of your videos… tysvm

  10. Twelve minutes of my mouth staying open and hunger kickin' in. Thank you for sharing with us this one, Bobby. Definitely gonna try it as soon as possible!

  11. i like the recipe, but seriously a lot of these ingredients arent cheap in my country. lemons and limes cost $1-2 each and millet cost a bit too, so do walnuts. i would like to see good meals made from cheap cost ingredients.

  12. Chicken Permission February 12, 2017 at 8:12 am - Reply

    Lol I love that you tell us Lady Dessi's comments 😀 Once more, everything looks mouth watering and as you say…deeeliscious <3 You have by far become my favourite person on youtube! Can't get me enough Bobby 😉 sending you lots of love and rooting for you to have millions of viewers and be the megastar that you are 🙂
    ps: are you making her anything special for valentine's day? so jealous lol wish I could taste these yummy dishes <3

  13. if you want your hummus even more creamy you should take the skin off the chic peas…it takes a while but makes a huge difference

  14. This looks so delicious! Supermarkets are closed and I really want to try that. >.< Well, my Curry has to do for my dinner. :/

  15. I really love your channel! I'm a grad student and I recently realized that my meals have been suffering lately in terms of both taste and nutritional value (think pasta with store bought pesto every other night) due to my hectic schedule. You have given me some excellent ideas and I plan to try one of your recipes this weekend. :)

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