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24 thoughts on “Meal Prep 3,000 Calories In 14 MINUTES!

  1. Sauce on the eggs was Winiary Przyprawa!

    4 Eggs – 312kcal P:24g F:20g CHO:2.4g

    200g Turkey, 250g Spelt, 80g Greens – 710kcal P:57g F:4g CHO:109g

    200g Turkey, 120g Rice, 80g Greens, 100g Beetroot – 710kcal P:62g F:12.6g CHO:86g

    100g Oatmeal, 100 Frozen Berries, 1tbsp Honey, 350ml Almond Milk – 586kcal P:19.6g F:11g CHO:93.6g

    1 x Banana, 1 x Apple, 1 x Nakd Bar – 277kcal P:3.1g F:2.9g CHO:64.6g

    50g Mixed Nuts – 288kcal P:10.5g F:25g CHO:11g

    1 Scoop EHPLabs Isopept – 120kcal P:25g F:1.5g CHO:2g

    TOTAL – 3,022kcal P:202g F:77g CHO:378g

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