Mastering Student Cooking: Lunch – 5 Meals, 5 Ingredients

Part 3 has arrived and we’re focused on lunch! Probably the easiest meal to not make homemade because it occurs right in the thick of your busy day! Hopefully …

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23 thoughts on “Mastering Student Cooking: Lunch – 5 Meals, 5 Ingredients

  1. Joan Brunet Verdaguer August 12, 2018 at 2:38 am - Reply

    This is my second year in college here in Barcelona and I'm for sure gonna upgrade my cooking status!

  2. Have watched a lot of your videos but srsly there is smth with your eyes. it looks tired or no emotion at all 🙁 it kills the video a bit for me. the content is awesome though..

  3. I like to use a baking sheet when I put something in a panini grill (or similar) so i dont have to clean it as much haha

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