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41 thoughts on “LOW CALORIE HIGH PROTEIN VEGAN RECIPES (Gluten-Free too!)

  1. I have made this lentil tomato sauce so many times and use it on spaghetti squash and for a pizza base. It is such an easy recipe and everyone loves it!! Thank you so much!!

  2. where does the marinara sauce come from for the lentil recipe? I never eat anything out of cans or or jars or premade from the supermarket. Is there a recipe for the sauce or is it processed? Thanks

  3. How long do these last in the fridge?? I’m really trying to always have things available in the fridge to be healthier and it helps me stay vegan if not I’ll eat so much cheese 😩

  4. I'm english, and when I hear americans doing an english accent it's usually really cringy and bad, so I was like 'oh god, here we go..' and then your accent was really good XD

  5. That's too many lentils! 😛
    Seriously though check out authentic Indian food (not the orange gravy that pretends to be Indian). There are so many amazing vegan dishes there!

  6. Made this before and it was so good! I added jalapeño to mine to give it a nice kick. But I think the next time I make it in going top use fresh beans instead of canned to cut down on the sodium

  7. Rose, I save almost all your videos in my vegan favorites folder. I just love your videos. You're such a help for a newbie. ❤️

  8. Laura's Listening Pary September 26, 2018 at 2:00 am - Reply

    Girl! I just made that bean spread and it was everything! I also put jalapeños in for some spice. But it's sooooo good, and filling.

  9. You are an angel!!! I needed a video like this! I just started a vegan/eco-friendly channel so feel free to check it out:) Peace from England

  10. Yummy! Thanks for posting low-calorie high protein recipes. I am trying to watch my weight and so far I've found that low calorie high protein vegan recipes are hard to come by, so I appreciate these recipes and can't wait to try!

  11. Ball – egg – naise hope this helps love you video please could you check out the video on my channel as I'm trying to raise awareness for feeding tube awareness as not many people don't understand why I have a tube coming out of you nose!!! Thanks for you time if you manage to read this and I would love to know if you have managed to, you channel is such an inspiration as I can't eat big meals right now but I hope that when I am allowed to eat again I will be able to use your recipes as they all look delicious!!! 😊💜

  12. You can microwave cloves of garlic for 10 seconds to turn down the pungency. And it makes it easy to peel the cloves! That's an Alton Brown tip. And you can microwave lentils to cook them. That's a tip from my dad.

  13. Great recipes, I think I will make the Lentil one this week! Do you have any other recommendations for oil spray bottles? The one you linked doesn't ship to Canada.. 🙁

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