Lose 5 Kgs – Summer Weight Loss Diet Plan – Full Day Meal Plan – Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast

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47 thoughts on “Lose 5 Kgs – Summer Weight Loss Diet Plan – Full Day Meal Plan – Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast

  1. Mam I want to take turmeric tea but bcoz of having habit of taking tea as soon as I wake up I am not able to arrange. Plz help or I have stop my tea but it's difficult.

  2. checheee…jowar nammude nattil evde vangan kittum…jowar ennu tannano parayunne? pinne buck wheat um evde kittum…onnu parayane…

  3. The way of making jowar roti is too gud…i tried the beginners method and it came up very well…thanks a lot…i tried many ways but not perfect as urs method…by the way i am ur new subscriber….thanks for ur very gud recipes….

  4. Baishakhi Ganguli March 29, 2018 at 7:27 am - Reply

    Hello Mam.
    All your recipes are too good specially Turmeric tea and Turmeric Milk ,I was facing severe allergy problems and after taking this turmeric milk regularly it reduced a lot.One thing I want to ask you mam I want to loose some weight so i have made a diet chart from your recipes…can u guide me its ok or not….at morning i am taking your turmeric tea then in breakfast ur cinnamon smoothie/chocolate almond smoothie ,lunch i am taking 1 bowl rice dal sabzi and fish curry,evening your granola recipe and dinner 1 roti and raita and sabzi .Is this ok ?Mam plz reply

  5. Hello ma'am..i am suffering from thyriod with goiter issues…i have low immune body..fatigue. iam not able to gain weight.plz maam show some kind of remedies and recipes for this problem..

  6. Saipreethi Tadiboyina March 29, 2018 at 7:27 am - Reply

    Hi Nisa! I happened to check out your videos few weeks ago and I have to admit that your weight loss videos are true blessing indeed! I tried your turmeric tea as well a cinnamon tea. I lost 6 pounds weight in past 2 weeks. I am great full to you. However, I noticed that I am suffering from constipation since I started drinking these teas. Kindly advise me if I can continue drinking this tea at the same time manage constipation. Your response will be greatly appreciate. I emailed you March 21st, no reply from you hence I am sending you this message. Thanks

  7. Kindness is Beauty March 29, 2018 at 7:27 am - Reply

    You said Bhkri.. its pronounced as Bhaa-kri. We make it everyday at night as it is lighter for stomach. But we directly add water to flour and knead it and no salt. First time I saw this process you showed.
    Anyway thanks for video.. today going to make cucumber dosa!

  8. 1 suggestion
    Hello Mam all yor videos are useful but can u make a video on how to get rid of stomach bloating due to gas

  9. Manivel Natarajan March 29, 2018 at 7:27 am - Reply

    why are chopping the chilli n small onion directly with your fingers?? it might not be a good tip for your followers..

  10. Great video ma'am.. 👍
    Sorry but I want to ask one off topic question.. please do reply.. 🙏
    I saw one of your video about moringa..
    what is moringa? Isko hindi mein kya bolte hain?
    सहजन का पत्ता? (Drumsticks leaves?)
    Is it the same thing? Or a different thing?

  11. Thank you dear …. I loved the way of your healthy recipes….and variation of others…you added some good ness all your recipes…thanks so much….

  12. I always wondered if I could that roti press to make Jowar roti, and you have shown that yes, we can do it….thanks a lot Nisha…

  13. vaishnavi satheesh March 29, 2018 at 7:27 am - Reply

    Wowieee chechi 😍In between the almonds n the breakfast is it ok to have brewed tea or coffee without refined sugar, chechi?!!

  14. Dear me riffat age 30 i loose 12 kg now my weight 54 im pcos patient but dear periods abi b nai hovy all fat remove tell me plz plz now what i do?

  15. Nice recipe.. thank you..one question..pink Himalayan salt and rock salt are same? Because rock salt coloured same and found at very cheap price. Please revert.

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