Keto Diet Grocery Haul – low carb – meal prep – weight loss – keto recipes

In this Keto Diet Grocery Haul I go over some of the foods to use when on a Ketogenic Diet and how to look for good deals and bargains. by buying in bulk.

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26 thoughts on “Keto Diet Grocery Haul – low carb – meal prep – weight loss – keto recipes

  1. Elizabeth L. Alanis May 22, 2017 at 12:46 am - Reply

    On my 3 day and just getting my energy back. My goal is to drop 15lbs!! SUPER Excited to see people having success stories here.

  2. If I might make a suggestion. Nothing wrong with Kerry Gold, but for beverages you cannot go wrong with Ghee! No sugar or artificial sugar in it yet it is sweet butter(I swear it's magic.)! I love it!
    Also you used Alkaline a lot in your video. I've never heard of acidity or base being important to being in keto, am I missing something?

  3. Shannon Surratt May 22, 2017 at 12:46 am - Reply

    Hey, Im new to this new diet and am at the beginning of my research. You stated that you eat 65% Fat 144 grams, 30% Protein 150 grams, 5% Carbs 25 grams. My question is how come the protein grams at 30% can be higher than the fat grams at 144 grams at 65%?

  4. In the beginning you say that you are eating 70/25/5 but when you break it down based on a 2000 calorie day, you say 134g fat and 150g protein. Did I miss something with the numbers? Wouldnt 25% be 50g of protein?

  5. i'm interested in one thing.
    if somebody needs to cut fat and you exclude carbs as a energy,how can you get in ketosis if you are taking 3-4 times fats than your tdee requirements.
    that is the only thing i don't understand?

  6. nice video… keto diet just seems so dirty though'.. Gotta try it… I guess you can get healthier fats like avocados, I need to look into healthy fats, I don't think animal fats can be good for you…. where's the update video?

  7. Good day….
    Hope it is not too much to ask
    I couldn't see the names on the MSG free and the nitrate free meats…. I would love to check for them at our suppliers… Please and thanks….

  8. So how long have you been on this diet? where you fat before the diet?  Do you have a six pack yet?  Thanks…

  9. Corina Martinez May 22, 2017 at 12:46 am - Reply

    I would it if you could make a video telling us how we can start this diet (ex: how to figure out our macro ratio, what exactly is the keto diet and how do we follow it). also, I try to stay away from meat, but i have it every great now and then, is it possible to do this diet without eating meat?

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