I Tried The Paleo Diet For A Week

Here’s to trying 7 days of the Paleo diet! For $50 off your first Green Chef order, visit https://GreenChef.us/Candace SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/SubCandaceLowry …

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36 thoughts on “I Tried The Paleo Diet For A Week

  1. This one and the keto are one of the worst choices, healthwise, and impossible to carry as a lifestyle. Promoting this is a bad thing

  2. Being Paleo is nothing like the diet of our cave men ancestors and there is bountiful evidence they consumed grains

  3. Been doing dirty, lazy keto since beginning of December 2017 – down 25 pounds, aches and pains almost gone, atopic dermatitis almost gone, asthma just a memory…. AND those bars are nearly keto!! I'll be subbing erythriotol for maple syrup. So excite 😛

  4. I like how informative your videos are. Side note tho…. if you open the steam vent on that container you had a hard time opening, it will let air into the container and make it easier to remove the lid. 😉

  5. I've never understood the paleo diet, humans have been eating cheese for thousands of years so why is it excluded? tbh you probably shouldn't eat cheese anyway, but I'm struggling with paleo logic

  6. o m g this is an excessive amount of plastic… try to not hurt others! you dont need this amount of plastic in your life for sure!! 🙌🏻

  7. ‘I’m sitting outside today cuz it’s very nice and…’

    ‘And now there is a garbage truck’

    My life in 2 sentences.

  8. I really enjoy watching your videos but I think the background music is kind of distracting. Hope you will turn it down in your next videos:))

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