Healthy Vegetable Salad Recipe Video – How to Make Healthy Vegetable Salad at Home – Easy & Simple

Vegetable Salad from Maimoona Yasmeen’s Recipes YOU CAN ALSO REACH US ON : Youtube Subscribe …

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41 thoughts on “Healthy Vegetable Salad Recipe Video – How to Make Healthy Vegetable Salad at Home – Easy & Simple

  1. Aslkm..How r u ma'am. ..m a big fan of yours,recipes r jst awesome…plz let me know healthy snacks or food for babies …jazakAllah khir..

  2. Aslkm … I love all ur receipes and they are really easy to make… And they have always helped me in my difficult times at my susral :P.. Well.. Heard ur voice today .. So just wanted to say u a big THANK YOU 🙂
    Dnt stop uploading these yummy treats… Tc.. May Allah reward you for all the good work… !

  3. Assalaamalikum, finally I hear ur voice maimoona…… thanks for sharing such an awesome recipe…… we miss yaser voice too:-(

  4. beetareen… sister mashallah..
    seems like ur suffering from cold flue bcz of voice quality..
    may allah almighty give u health wealth and peaceful life here and after

  5. Assalamualaikum! Wonderful recipe, I'll definitely try this, thanks for sharing it, you're making all the ways easy in kitchen :)

  6. male voice better thi
    aur bhai yahi video ko urdu me bhi dalo
    kacchi imli
    ka achaar ke videos bhi banau bhai thanks
    jazakallah khair

  7. Assalamualaikum WaRehmathullahi wabarakatuh
    jazakallahkhair kaseera fr sharing such valuable recipes with us..
    NYC to hear u..?
    your recipes r very very good masha ALLAH n gives awesome tastes..
    I tried many dishes from ur recipes, everyone at hme enjoyed n praising…rewards goes to u?

  8. nice 9 simple recipe .I think this recipe realy helpful to those who want to lose their weight…. good addition. dear

  9. Assalmualikum, mashallah nyc n yummy salad. but I miss yaser but good to here u jazak Allah for da tastey, healthy, yummy, delicious, mouthwatering recipes

  10. please show us how to make mutton 65… I try most of your recipes and alhumdulillah they turn out superbly delicious… thanks a ton for bringing us closure to our own authentic taste in such a simple way…. jazak Allah…missed yaser on this video….

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