Make your lunches exciting with these healthy vegan lunches from Monday to Friday. Easy, delicious, budget-friendly and using just 10 main ingredients! Vegan …

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  1. Hi, friends! Head to the description box for a PDF with the grocery list + full recipes for these vegan lunches. And comment below with which of these meals you’d like to try first, your favorite easy lunch to make, or what video you’d like to see next!

  2. I do appreciate your imagination that the food you gonna crave at which weekday …. But I can't do it as I like my according to my cravings or moods …. Although you have good options …..

  3. Would it be possible to tone down the ASMR mouth sounds just for those of us who aren’t fans of ASMR. This is so not intended to be rude or offensive, it’s a genuine request, love love love your videos 💙💚💙💚

  4. Thank you for these 10 ingredients for multiple meals! It has made it easier for me to transition to vegetarian. I would love to see more!

  5. You’re Chanel has grown SO much! So creative, helpful and inspiring 🙂 And somehow you’ve gotten prettier
    🤭 😳😆 Loved your instant pot video so I went and bought your instant pot cookbook. Thank you and keep up the good work 🙏

  6. Love to see the talking as you cook, Nisha, feels like I'm there in the kitchen with you – this all looks incredible! drooling

  7. Love these ideas Nisha! Can’t wait to try them, I have been in a rut with my lunches lately. I also love your IP cookbook!

  8. THAT 70's VEGAN COOKING SHOW February 10, 2020 at 9:44 am - Reply

    hi friend! we love how you prep everything so beautifully. we congratulate you on your success on your channel. we have subscribed to your channel and what a great feeling when someone subscribes to your channel, right? we love to show love to all the beautiful plant based channels such as yours! would it be too much to ask from you to also show some love and support to our NEW channel by subscribing to it? i mean, it's free 🙂 and it would mean so much to us. xoxoxxo (PS. we love avocados!

  9. I meal prepped this for my lunches this week! Loved the process! 😀 Also, what little container did you use to store the dressing/sauce on the side?

  10. I’ll replace the spaghetti with zucchini noodles but this is wonderful. Very grateful for the time you take for creative content and showing up – it’s not always easy I know and that’s why I would like you to know how grateful I and I am sure your other subscribers, are.

  11. Your voice is as buttery and delicious as a Hawaiian avocado with fresh home baked bread. (That’s a HUGE compliment just incase you’re like … what???? 😊)

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