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  1. JazakAllah sistah! Going to check out your other videos too ? very nice of you to make this for those who are fasting! x

  2. May God guide you! it's very appreciated that you are doing that for muslims and you are not one! I have hypothyroid and I need vege recipes

  3. Wow simply awesome and thank you for sharing great healthy recipes for Ramadan stay blessed always my dear and Ramadan Mubarak

  4. For someone who is a Sikh, you actually know more about Ramadan than some Muslims do nowadays ? Thanks again for making an amazing video. Will definitely try out some of these foods.

  5. Thank you so much for thinking about us. Really appreciate ur effort. I was really confused what to eat as you know our food menu is always fried food, non-veg etc. I suffer from GERD usually, ur video is really helping me for sure.
    Being a non-muslim, u explained really nice about Ramadan, and made this video,may Allah bless you. Keep ur good work up. Thanks again.

  6. she is amazing
    she covered the vedio from alot of sides
    muslim people who doesn't know how to eat healthy and filling food at the same time
    vegan people who might be watching this so she covered that as well
    and a sigh girl who is 100& educated about ramadan and how do people fast and do during fasting not only about food but about the attitude this is legit amazing even christians doesn't know about this!!
    I love this girl and that vedio
    I subcribed

    Good Job <3 Ii am so proud that I am living at the same planet that she lives in <3
    By the way I am muslim when I saw a vedio with a sigh girl who cooks vegan filling food and knows alot about ramadan and collided all in one vedio this is called AMAZING

    LOVE YOU <3

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