Healthy Breakfast Meal Prep – Weekly Meal Prep

I’m showing how to weekly meal prep with this healthy breakfast meal prep recipe. This egg frittata is perfect to meal prep breakfast and is a healthy breakfast …

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47 thoughts on “Healthy Breakfast Meal Prep – Weekly Meal Prep

  1. Omg omg omg. I saw you on cutthroat kitchen tonight and I was cheering for you. So glad you made it through the first round. I hope you win. By the way, how do you spell the name of the thing you made with croutons. I want to make some.

  2. how bout a budget friendly meal for single mother with three boys…. tht will have leftovers for lunch for work.

  3. bobby, everything looks great, but I have a question off topic. buddy what gel, cream, pomade, or ……. do you apply to your hair. don't judge people.

  4. I see you use a lot of healthy fats in most of your recipes. Would you say they are suitable for a keto diet ??

  5. Could you separate the macros for each item, please? I mix and match items from each meal and enter them into the Lose it app. I actually made the muffins and ate one for dinner tonight, but have no idea what to put in the app. for them. It would really help.

  6. Hey Bobby! I am new to your channel but I am absolutely loving you. Your wife is a lucky gal ?. I have been telling all my friends and family about your channel and sending them links. lol. So far I have only tried the breakfast parfait and it was delicious. Totally trying this breakfast prep next. Thanks! Also, love your energy!

  7. Bobby I love your energy! Made your chicken meal prep the other day. I have to tell you it was off the hook delicious! Keep doing what your doing.

  8. Are you on Pintrest? I freaking love your stuff, I always try to Pin stuff as that's my quick digital cook book lol

    If your not you should get a page!

  9. you're so cute! fun to watch and awesome meals! i made a few of your meal preps in the past and the bbq chicken and cole slaw are a staple now for my husband and i!
    this breakfast looks so bomb thank you for new ideas!

  10. Thanks for this link to the non-stick pan you used! I love that it has an oven-safe silicon grip. The one I currently own has a cheap plastic handle so I've never been able to take it from the stovetop to the oven. Definitely time for an upgrade! Was that the 12" size?

  11. Amazing recipes. I will do them. Thanks! Question, can I put any pan on the oven?! I didn't know we can. The one you used seemed like a regular pan to me.

  12. Holy omg, but I want to hangout with Bobby :)) So funny great enthusiasm and did you say quinoa muffins. It all looks delicious :))

  13. Bobby love your recipes! I really need healthy meals to help me loose weight and now that I am starting to work out I don't know what I should be eating and when…any thoughts?

  14. Hi Bobby, I bumped into one of your videos like 3 days ago and I have been obsessed ever since. Can't wait to try a couple of your recipes. How ever I have a question about this one. Can I substitute the eggs for Egg Beaters?

  15. Nice video Bobby, you should try to make a healthy pizza or something like that… Thanks ps like for pizzzzzzza

  16. 1. If you dont like dill….would fennel work? 2. Can you explain the different olive oils and when each should be used? I have always been told for dressings or a finish at thend of cooking is the only time to use EVOO.

  17. I already had most of the ingredients here so off to the store I go! I must have those muffins for my morning latte!!

  18. Mmmm. This has to be my favorite prep. I love breakfast… any time of the day. I def will be trying this one soon!

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