One Pot Mushroom Orzo | Quick + Healthy Weeknight Dinner Recipes

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33 thoughts on “One Pot Mushroom Orzo | Quick + Healthy Weeknight Dinner Recipes

  1. So I tried this recipe today and I was disappointed when I didn’t like it. The recipe was super easy to assemble but the texture of the Orzo after cooking was a NO for me. I veganized it by using oil and vegan cream cheese. Next time I’d use a rigatoni or penne pasta. I just couldn’t do the orzo. Surprisingly it took longer that 30 minutes to cook and even after it was done I just wasn’t in to it anymore.The texture put me off, but the flavor of the meal was a 10/10. I’ll try it tomorrow to see if it does well as leftovers.

  2. This was absolutely delicious and I veganized it by using vegan butter and cream cheese. I'm making it again today. Thanks!!

  3. This is a very nice recepe! Perfect for autumn! Careful about parmesan, though, it is techically not vegetarian since it contains rennet (which you find in a calf's stomach). Some pecorinos are vegetarian, you'll have to look at the label to see if they use rennet.
    To veganise this dish you could use (the buttery Alba-) oil instead of butter, vegan cream cheese or coconut milk (full-fat) and nutritional yeast.

  4. You should do another Halloween video this year. I still use your ideas from years ago and it be great to see what new stuff you got up your sleeve.

  5. Prepared it last night; followed recipe – used button and shitaki mushrooms – criminis not available. So tasty but not as creamy as yours. A bit more liquid than I had hoped. Will try again because it was so delicious.

  6. I really love your videos, and I’m looking forward for more coffee videos, I love coffees so much as well🤍🤍☕️

  7. This is the first video of yours I’ve watched. I’m so glad I found your page and I am absolutely making this for dinner tonight!! ❤️ it’s exactly what I was looking for 🤩 Was not expecting that goat cheese but made me love this recipe even more!

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