FULL DAY OF VEGAN RECIPES | High Protein Fitness Meals

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45 thoughts on “FULL DAY OF VEGAN RECIPES | High Protein Fitness Meals

  1. Love the recipes! I've been vegan for 4 years now… 💚 Will definitely be trying out some of the recipes! 😊
    Btw isn't there too much fiber in the recipes? I mean I'd have problem with bloating after eating all of this 😅

  2. I thought 35g/45g of sugar for female/males was recommended. Wouldn’t 96g of sugar be too high? How do you account for natural versus added sugars

  3. Ja390mes James waldock May 24, 2018 at 8:37 am - Reply

    Thanks for sharing these they look really nice, particularly because they are what you set out as meals for your customers on the program. Is this typically what you eat in a day?

  4. What is you opinion on lab grown meat? Because no animal suffers when you eat meat grown from animal stem cells in a lab…..

  5. Good to see some teamwork finally. Katherine does all the preparation and dishes no doubt, and you do less than 10 minutes of voice over. 😂

  6. Henrik Gostomski May 24, 2018 at 8:37 am - Reply

    Are you recommending your clients to take b12 supplements? Because i've noticed you don't have that displayed in chronometer and it might be hard to get if you don't know about nutritional yeast or algae or are just a cheap fuck like me

  7. Please do more of these! I loved this video, I need more vegan recipes that don’t include a ton of olive oil, salt, etc. and your channel/recommendations fit that tab. Thanks Jon! This really helped

  8. Awsome Job Jon you're one of my youtube inspiration. I will share some peruvian recepies with you as soon as I finish the online version. Big hug from Potato land. PERU

  9. Great recipes 👍 can you do more memes in your videos like what you used to do in your old vids ? Pls 😁

  10. Thank you! I recently started getting into cooking instead of throwing some chickpeas in a pot and I was on the lookout for some new vegan recipes. Will definitely try these ones out this weekend! Much love from Greece!

  11. And where is vitamin B12, A, D, heme iron, cholesterol?? Because your body needs all of these to work properly, and why arent these included in cronometer??

  12. Jon and the chopped banana. Part of every Video 😆 And I 100 % agree i love it too. Defintely gonna try the lentil meal. Thx Jon.

  13. great video 😁❣️ can you maybe share more meal ideas to hit all the amino acids on a vegan diet that would be so helpful

  14. What sort of tofu should i buy,ive bought tofu in a carton it was like jelly not like the crumbling tofu you use.Should i leave it out to dry?

  15. i wanted to see pull ups and muscle ups! not dissapointed though thanks to these awesome recipes! thank you

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