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22 thoughts on “Fast & Filling Healthy Breakfast Ideas!

  1. Let's be real here… Who can be arsed to make these in a morning? I'm barely bothered to make toast? Looks good and all but….??

  2. my breakfast is always the same, 3 buiscits (50 calories each) and a pear frut juice (about 100 calories), i eat at 6 am and then eat lunch at 12/1/2 pm and don't snack in between , yes i get stomach cramps beause of hunger but i don't feel the necessity to eat? like it makes me feel good that empty feeling and eating lunch it's more satisfating when you haven't eaten for 7 hours haha

  3. I really like to eat more of a savoury type breakfast. Fruits in the morning just totally don't satisfy my wants, I never feel like it and I swear like every YouTube video has like yoghurt and fruit bowls and things. I really loved that yours were more of a mix. Thanks!

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