EASY HEALTHY MEAL PREP | Simple, Delicious Meal Ideas & Recipes!

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29 thoughts on “EASY HEALTHY MEAL PREP | Simple, Delicious Meal Ideas & Recipes!

  1. I literally havent even watched the video but had to thank u for filming it cause it was my request on instagram! Thank you im sure it will help!!!

  2. I love meal prep videos so much!!
    Also, I know this sounds weird but liezl it's awesome that you're always so calm and can make everything sound really simple, as if it's just an easy equation that all of us can learn to solve ❤️ thank you for that!

  3. I learned all about overnight oats because of you. My new favorite meal. I get excited to wake up for my breakfast now… haha ! Thank you. My Mom, Dad and grandma thank you as well! ;D


  4. I'm so happy to see another video from you! You have been so helpful to my weight loss journey so far. I gained back the fifty pounds I lost about three years ago, but your healthy, flavorful recipes and bright outlook on dieting has really helped me get back on track. I can't thank you enough.

  5. Great video!! This wil help me so much. My question has nothing to do with the video but where dit you get your laptop standard? The one at 0:36

  6. I like all the tips! Really useful and well put together meal prep video. One of the best I have seen. Definitely do another one in a few months..I've made notes and now I'm going over to the blog. Thank you x

  7. awesome video, thank you so much! xx just a little tip: the intros are a little bit too long 🙂 (maybe that's just my personal preference, I don't want to be rude or something ?)

  8. i love you and your channel so much you're just so inspiring and beautiful ! thank you for sharing all of those amazing recipes and tips ♥

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