Easy healthy holiday Recipes + Tips (Avoid weight gain, EAT Christmas treats & stay healthy!)

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28 thoughts on “Easy healthy holiday Recipes + Tips (Avoid weight gain, EAT Christmas treats & stay healthy!)

  1. What do you recommend breakfast wise with protein for people who hate eggs? Because I know you can’t really get as much protein from other things as you can from eggs. Basically how can I eat eggs if I hate them 😂

  2. Have you checked out medical medium? He has protocols to eliminate the Einstein Barr virus or viral load that causes mono. It could be the answer for you if you’re still struggling. I personally have had great results!

  3. Courtney Gustafson December 6, 2018 at 3:18 am - Reply

    Just started watching and I'm pretty sure I'm wearing the same exact sweater as you right now!! 😂😂 Or a very similar one from H&M 🤣💗

  4. Honestly, I enjoy my treats more when I eat them in moderation. They stay special, as "treats." When I eat too much sugar, I think my taste buds get jaded, and I just feel jittery and cranky. I always enjoy your tips, Liezl – I am so happy that you're telling me to go shopping haha. <3

  5. I was ready to comment that I got a bit tired of the app presentation when you showed that dancing broccoli! And now I need a dancing broccoli in my life! 😂

  6. I've been using lifesum for a few weeks and I've been trying to stay at a stationary weight, but i keep on eating in a deficit! i even eat unhealthy foods (mostly in the evening) but i never reach the recommended amount of calories. the app is really good for counting macros though.

  7. Omg liezl just in time!! Today I woke up early and made the oats and banana cookies from your past videos, they were sooo good and left the kitchen with a glorious smell ❤️
    Looking forward to make this recipes!! 😋

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