7 Breakfast Recipes For The Entire Week – 7 Days Healthy Breakfast Ideas – Diet Plan To Lose Weight

7 breakfast recipes, weight loss sandwich recipes for 7 days, simple & easy recipes, low calorie & healthy breakfast ideas for 1 week, diet plan to lose weight …

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31 thoughts on “7 Breakfast Recipes For The Entire Week – 7 Days Healthy Breakfast Ideas – Diet Plan To Lose Weight

  1. mam I want to loss weight I have a thyroid problem I'm 18 year old and my weight is 90 kg can i loss weight pls help me mam

  2. Nice video mam…u make excellent videos mam.. thanku so much for that..i am recently suffering from mild anemia..i heard black sesame seeds can be used..to cure it…if yes pls make a video how to use them..pls correct me if iam wrong

  3. Sonali Thadhani July 5, 2017 at 9:19 am - Reply

    One thumbs up is not enough for this video…. wow its so simple. Just want to ask, instead of green chutney or green capsicum chutney what else can be used. I'm not into corriander much…thanks

  4. Hello mam I am new to this channel, saw most of your videos… I basically work in a shift of 5pm to 2am and I mostly skip my breakfast coz of timings… I want to reduce weight and currently I am doing gyming regularly since past one week… Couldyou please help me providing a healthy diet as per timings… I wake up around 12am in the morning and I go to gym around 12.30pm and I return back home around 2.15-2.30…Aftrr my bath I do my lunch around 3.15 and than I have snacks at my office around 6pm in the evening and after that I have my dinner around 10pm in The evening…later on around 2-3am I start get cravings but I eat 2-3 biscuits n sleep…pleas help me I very serious about my weight loss

  5. amritha varshini July 5, 2017 at 9:19 am - Reply

    Hello mam I am having brown rice for the lunch and veg salad for dinner and meanwhile meals what you have suggested and I work out as well..but I am not having any fat cutter drinks as of time constraints will that slow down weight loss..

  6. hey mam…hope you are doing good..nice video and I tried your turmeric tea..good result. I became bit thin but still have a way to go. can I take ur turmeric tea every 5 days ( in-between 3 days gap ) till I lose weight ?? pls reply.

  7. ashwini mushigeri July 5, 2017 at 9:19 am - Reply

    awesome video Nisha… pls make it a series, with lunch, snacks n dinner…. way to go girl…

  8. mam can u discuss the reasons of not loosing weight moreover how feeding or toddler's moms loose weight

  9. no doubt always yr recipes are awesome ???…I have a question… how to keep green chutni fresh in refrigerator. ….mine turns black

  10. its so helpful?
    nw dere is no need to think every morning about the healthy breakfast.
    thanx a ton mam

  11. Nisha mam I have a request if u could pl advice me. I m 43 yr old having thyroid for last 16 yrs. my weight is 103 kgs I underwent an operation for removal of uterus 3 months back. what kind of diet should I follow to loose weight. I m very much inspired by ur tips, recipe & diet plan. it's a request do reply me . so that I can start it immediately.

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