4 Healthy Indian Lunch/Breakfast Ideas for School/ Work (Part 3) ll Healthy Weight Loss Recipes

Today’s Video is Part 3 of healthy Lunch/ Breakfast Recipes. Please try them and share your feedback. Spinach Oats Semolina Dhokla .

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23 thoughts on “4 Healthy Indian Lunch/Breakfast Ideas for School/ Work (Part 3) ll Healthy Weight Loss Recipes

  1. Hey dear.. sorry for not being regular in commenting nowadays.. jus dat kids are keeping me too busy.. handling alone as am a navy wife ?? Awesoem recipes as ever.. I loved the first dhokla recipe and chick pea snack very much.. And each one of the recipes are really really innovative..
    Hope things are gud at ur end.. love to u n the family.. Keep up the work.. ??

  2. love dis video mam….such an easy n healthy ideas for kids to eat healthy…mam can do your master bedrum tour ..

  3. wow …. great ideas.here in India we often make rice with veggies , grill ed sandwich n dhokla ….but how to make them more Healthy ,got to learn fm u…..a big salute to ur lovely effort.

  4. Hi Anuji how are you nice video and recipe as usuals mam I have a question we are in Gujarat its very hot in summer so we not ready for stand in a kitchen all time. Its a vacation time kid always hungry so plz tell me what we give in summery days so they feel filler and healthy too
    I have one question my kid is 11 years old his weight is around 50 kg. I think its overweight plz suggest me a proper nutritional diet for whole day in vacation and schooltime plz give me a proper menu for eating and routine for activity study and playing I think I am wrong somewhere plz guide me. thank you.

  5. Hi, I was eagerly waiting for dhokla recipe, thanks for that, quick question which bread did you use for grilled sandwich

  6. Me bhi theek hu, kuch pkan nahi hain , 8th june ko mera birthday hain to shayad kuch plan krenge ? Aap ko or aap ki family ko bhot bhot pyar god bless you all:) bhot accha lagta hain jab aap mere comment ka answer karte ho many thanks ?

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