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49 thoughts on “4 Easy Slow Cooker Dinners

  1. seulement vous critiquez. c'est juste ça ce que vous savez faire.
    Tasty fait des bonnes recettes avec un montage pro j'aiiiiime moi. ? pour les jaloux !

  2. You guys crack me up I made the chicken and biscuits last night and man was it DANK so screw the negative views of the biscuit dough

  3. I think I'll make the chicken and biscuits…without the biscuits. Or at least put the biscuits in the oven and THEN serve it with the chicken mixture.

  4. So I tried the stuffed bell peppers and I didn't like it at all. Most of the peppers burnt on the bottom of my slow cooker and the rest tore open, spilling out the rice and cheese. As far as the taste goes, it was about as bland as anything can be. Definitely disappointed.

  5. baked goods come out completely vile when put into a crock pot. the other slow cooker videos should have been featured lol

  6. I am currently making the chicken and biscuits! it looks sooo good!(and smells good) anyways I doubled the recipe since I have 4 people to serve. this one looks like a dinner for 2 or 3, so I just added another chicken, another can of soup and two more cups of broccoli and carrots. the biscuit  seems fine just the way it is. anyways, so excited to eat it! thank you!

  7. See I need to do this for weight training. Sick of making meals on the stove! I will eat these meals all the time now.

  8. This is fabulous, thanks so much…I used to have a crock pot, bcuz of u, I'm going to go buy one tomorrow, and make ur recipe, which pot do u recommend?

  9. I think this video is too slow for me you know you should speed up a little bit so people have a chance including me too get the recipe

  10. I made the pot roast the other day and it was very good. I seared the meat in a frying pan first but otherwise followed the recipe. Def will make again.

  11. does anybody know if the pot roast come out the same if you cook it on high instead of low if don't have a lot of time

  12. I actually made the chicken and biscuits (chicken and dumplings w/e) and I had to cook them on top for 2 hours as opposed to 1 hr. they weren't cooking all they and raw in the middle, but that's just me. Offering advice for anyone wanting to make it like i did.

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