3 Masala Oats Recipes For Weight Loss | Oatmeal Recipe For Weight Loss

3 Masala Oats Recipe For Weight Loss | Healthy Oatmeal Recipes | Oats for Weight Loss | Indian Masala Oats | Easy Masala Oats Recipe Indian | Homestyle …

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48 thoughts on “3 Masala Oats Recipes For Weight Loss | Oatmeal Recipe For Weight Loss

  1. Hi mam can i use this one of the recipe in oats diet plan plzzz plzzz reply me bcoz am alargic in mushrooms plzzzz plzzzzz reply

  2. hi Vicky nice video extra virgin olive oil ku cooking tarka or salad dressing or cook meal ke uppar se dal kar le sakte Hain

  3. Hello dear.. thanks for your recipes..wanted to clear one doubt regrading Olive oil..I hv heard this oil should be used only as a dressing not as a cooking oil because when Olive oil is heated it gets converted to cancerous substances. Please clarify!!

  4. The 3rd recipe is fantastic and tastes gud . . You can try that all of you .. Vicky can i use the 3rd oat meal as my weight lose diet plan which u kept as 900 calorie diet plan ?

  5. God bless you ma'am!! U have changed the concept of weight loss journey ma'am… thank you so much for making wonderful videos …. Ur videos are inspiration instead and weight loss has become so easy and tasty !!! I'm on ur egg diet plan … Lost 3 kgs in 5 days … Keep uploading and keep inspiring all the overweight people like me!

  6. ooh.. from tomorrow onwards.. OATS DAYS for 10 days… heyyyy .. thrice daily with 100 ml of green tea and jogging.. thanq didi for making my week special.. 🙂 🙂

  7. Thank you
    I am doing your diet plan from two years ago
    The one with eggs
    I can use this right? Instead of regular oatmeals

  8. Great vicky
    Can I have1 of this with 900 calorie egg diet plan instead of sweet oatmeal…m unable to have it..plz reply m on tht diet..

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