3 Healthy One Skillet Quinoa Recipes | Dinner Made Easy

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30 thoughts on “3 Healthy One Skillet Quinoa Recipes | Dinner Made Easy

  1. Can you share the brand of the two skillets used with glass lids – not the cast iron- they are the perfect depth and size!!! Thanks for the inspiration !!?

  2. im vegan so i'll be substituting the meat and poultry but i thought this was very helpful and all looked delicious .. except for the poor animals .. thank you for your ideas 🙂

  3. Made the taco skillet tonight and my family and I loved it! My only change for next time would be to reduce the chicken broth because it was a little watery.

  4. Can you substitute the paprika with some other spice? I get heart burn when I eat spicy even though I luv it

  5. Oh, dear kitchen pixie, I garnish your recipes with a fork–that's all I need! You always so merrily make mastication material!

  6. Those all look great though I do wish there was a larger variety of quinoa that didn't have the texture of coarse sand.

  7. I tried the garlic shrimp quinoa recipe. Added some Parmesan cheese on top. It was really good! Great spicy, comfort food dish. I'll be making it again for sure. Thanks!

  8. Hey Sarah and crew. Hope you all are well. I like this filming concept and the 3 dishes in a single video is fantastic! Thank you all. I need your help to improve as I mostly cook with non-stick pan and I am yet to learnt suitable temperature control for cooking different dishes. Are you able to recommend different type cookware that I can try and the suitable heat level should be used when creating different type of dishes? Thanks again.

  9. Wow, I just found your channel and I love it!!! However, noticed that in the description box you don't put the exact measurements how do I know exactly how much to use?

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