10 Foods I Eat Each Week | EASY and Healthy Meal Ideas

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21 thoughts on “10 Foods I Eat Each Week | EASY and Healthy Meal Ideas

  1. I am a sweet potato-a-holic. ha!! This was fun to see what you always buy – and some ideas with what to do with the ingredients! Thanks

  2. My weekly 10 foods are:

    • milk (trying to get coconut milk more often though)
    • bananas
    • apples
    • eggs
    • yogurt (fun fact: I dont like yogurt but I force it because of the probiotic benefit)
    • salad
    • chicken
    • frozen vegetables
    • avocados
    •bread or bagels

    My fiance & I are working on being healthier & choosing better options! Thank you for sharing your video!

  3. It is the type of chicken that determines the color of the egg.
    No difference in nutrition value. The color of the yolk can vary.. based the diet/feed of the chicken..
    We have chickens; I will say..there is a difference in the taste of fresh/verses store bought.
    They have a richer taste to me..of course I am bias.

  4. My top ten would be:
    1) spinach
    2) natural organic peanut butter
    3) frozen organic berries
    4) unsweetened vanilla almond milk
    5) egg whites
    6) whole eggs
    7) oats
    8) coffee
    9) avocado
    10) organic vegan protein powder

  5. Mango, almond milk, spinach, chicken breast, bananas, grapes, boom chicka pop popcorn (purple bag) 😂, wheat bread, apples, and some kind of sauce 🤷🏾‍♀️(teriyaki,sweet chili, etc)

  6. Maricela Gonzalez February 6, 2019 at 8:34 am - Reply

    Please do another video of more foods and what you like to make with them. I'm in college and I get bored, I'll like to see more ideas. Thank you

  7. i was hungover last weekend and got a "glowing ginger" smoothie to detox and try to feel better…..i puked immediately…taking a break from ginger for a while..lol love your videos tho!!

  8. My mom buys every week bread, milk, yoghurt, cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, apples, pears, bananas, patatoes, eggs, fishes, tune, chips and chocolates.

  9. Looks like my Shopping List except the sweetpotatoes and nutmilk (i make it by myself) and i always bye blueberries and arugula…

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