What I Ate Today / Plant Based, Vegan Healthy Meals & Recipes

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49 thoughts on “What I Ate Today / Plant Based, Vegan Healthy Meals & Recipes

  1. I like that your eating healthy. And making good food choices. But i had to stop this video at 0:58 because i just couldn't continue to watch ew!!!!!

  2. I keep seeing and hearing Vegans trying to convert others and failing because they are not offering what the other person wants. The solution is simple all Vegans should wear at every opportunity a top / T-shirt or a badge or drop a leaflet a day in public places with one of the following slogans.

    I was fat now I am Vegan.
    The key is mixed beans, rice, fruits and vegetables.
    www. {your favourite vegan website} .com


    I was ill now I am Vegan.
    The key is mixed beans, rice, fruits and vegetables.
    www. {your favourite vegan website} .com

    This give Joe public something they want and tells them how to do it.

    Also as the masses see more and more of these appearing all over the world it will normalise Vegan-ism and thus make it more accepted and widespread. Not to mention saving the animals by the back door.

    I call on all vegans to promote this idea to all their follower, let get some real momentum!

  3. I loved how you did this with zero talking! Kept me interested the whole time 🙂 Thanks for the yummy ideas, Im new to educating myself on Veganism & everything looked so bomb!!

  4. This is only the second video of yours I have watched, just looking for vegan inspiration 🙂 In the future, I think it would be more helpful for your viewers if you put text on the screen telling us "breakfast 9:15" and "lunch 12:30" ya know? Instead of just running all the food together so that we can get a feel for how you space everything out and it doesn't just look like one HUGE nonstop meal. Thanks! 🙂 Hope to see more.

  5. Yass Lilly thank you for doing this video as I try to be as healthy as I can so it's great to see youtubers promoting a diet that is healthy for people and the planet :))

  6. Sitting and watching all of your 'what I ate today' videos again because I love them SO much! I love getting ideas and I LOVE the way you've edited them!! xx

  7. Oh my I love this video so much! The food, your edit skills, perfect color grading, aaah! As a film/art student I am absolutely in love with this video :)

  8. Absolutely love when you do food-related videos (vlogs, main videos) ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! For some reason I find it very inspirational and relaxing and just exciting! xx

  9. first video form you I've seen and it was amazing! The editing, lighting, and the food looks amazing! Thank you I'm subbing!

  10. I eat porridge and drink almond dark chocolate milk! HOW have I not thought of this combination before?! I've been veggie for 16 years and although I'm not looking to go vegan I'd definitely like to be more plant based. Great video, would love to see more!

  11. Andrea S. Quiñones February 6, 2017 at 8:01 am - Reply

    looks amazing. Since I became vegan I've found joy in cooking for myself. the options are endless and it' really fun to invent your own recipes

  12. Thanks for encouraging and inspiring me! I find it so hard to find new recipes, and get bored with food being a vegan sometimes. So, thanks 🙂
    I adore the way you've filmed this, by the way!

  13. Chocolate porridge and almond butter looks like a dream come true. Thanks for tomorrow morning's breakfast inspo!

  14. Hello Lily,

    I follow you since several years and i never comment any of your videos.
    I love how you edit your videos, great skills !!!
    Congrats, keep on !


  15. Malta: Moving On, Up and Away February 6, 2017 at 8:01 am - Reply

    As I get older my conscience is really catching up with me regarding how we treat animals, it makes me more and more uneasy each day so some kind of vegetarian or vegan diet is something I'm thinking about more and more. My main concern is that I am small anyway and struggle to keep weight on so I worry what I would even eat but this was so helpful, everything looked amazing and I'm definitely going to try and transition into more and more animal free meals <3 thanks so much for sharing, this video was perfection!

  16. Wow this video has been edited and put together so so well, I can definitely see how much work you have put into this! I'm a vegan also, Thankyou for sharing this lily, given me some ideas! X

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