Weight Loss Drink – Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast – Skinny Recipes

weight loss diet drink, poha buttermilk or poha chaas is a traditional healthy weight loss drink, which will keep you fuller for a longer time and help you to lose …

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22 thoughts on “Weight Loss Drink – Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast – Skinny Recipes

  1. मेंम आप के दुवारा दिया हुआ डायट प्लान क्या सभी उम्र वाले फालो कर सकते है प्ल्ज़ बातये और ये पिंक सॉल्ट सेंधा नमक है

  2. CookNourishRepeat Blog February 18, 2017 at 8:45 am - Reply

    ??This video made me so hungry! ??Great video love! Keep the great content coming! Can't wait to see what you do for St. Patrick's day! ??

  3. small onion increases insulin, and reduces blood sugar. 50 gms of small onion gives 20 units of insulin and it reduces sugar level, this is true. To be eaten in morning

  4. Thanks so much Nisha …I have been drinking your Turmeric Tea ..has significantly helped me also I follow some of your balanced meals …your explanation on the food and ingredients with their values is really commendable…love you for all the help ?

  5. mam Himalayan pink salt ka substitute kya hai plz reply aapki har recipe m hota hai but pink salt only urban platter ka online avalible hai plz reply?

  6. sooperb chechi .. i wiill defenetly trying for my exam days …
    chechi.. pls make any drink with the liquid which we usually throw off when making paneer..
    is it edible?..i feel like i am wasting 50% of milk when sqeezing lemon into milk while making home made paneers…
    so please..
    thanku..luv all ur recipies..and i am a star in my house now..all thanks to u..:)

  7. want to know regarding your weight loss turmeric tea that do we have to eat or chew the remaining cinnamon and ginger? kindly tell

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