Week 3 | 5 Healthy Back-To-School MEAL PREP Recipes 2018

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33 thoughts on “Week 3 | 5 Healthy Back-To-School MEAL PREP Recipes 2018

  1. I love your creativity and positivity! By far the best food channel on YouTube and one of the best overall in my humble opinion! 🙂

  2. Nice one! Really want to try the chicken and the tofu one.
    For those of us who can’t take the taste of cilantro, what can we replace it with in the salmon recipe?

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  4. Love these ideas and can't wait for me to try when school starts!! Also if anyone can please check out my bio :')

  5. Wow, how could you always have ideas for awesome new recipes? Thank you for sharing your creativity all of this time. Cheers ?

  6. The beef in your country seems super soft because the ones we have needs a whole lot of boiling before it gets soft.

  7. I think this is one of the first meal prep videos I have found more then one recipe that sounds like something I'd like!

  8. Being a shepherd's pie enthusiast I was intrigued by this recipe. Reminds me more of stew with the beef cubes. Still sounds delish and I will be trying it.

  9. Can you start providing macros? These look so good to cook for my lunch days at college but I'm not sure what will fit in my macros and what won't. Thank you!

  10. Oh so good!!! Going to try all the veggie recipes! 🙂 could you please make lunch box friendly fish recipes especially kid friendly PLEASE!!! Xoxo!

  11. I've found that stew beef is tough if you cook it quickly as you did here. It needs to be slow cooked to make it tender. Is this a different cut that works with quick cooking? This looks great, but I'm concerned about chewy beef ?

  12. Ana Cristina Fonseca August 10, 2018 at 8:09 pm - Reply

    All of the recipes look uber tasty but as many Brazilians, I find it difficult to understand as a “meal” something that does not include rice… completely puzzled about how other people can prep “lunch” without rice…

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