Picky Toddler Recipes Indian/ Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Recipes/Weight Gain recipes for Kids

Sharing Indian kids meal ideas for toddlers, picky eaters .Breakfast Lunch amd Dinner ideas for a day.i hope you like these kids recipes indian My favorite …

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32 thoughts on “Picky Toddler Recipes Indian/ Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Recipes/Weight Gain recipes for Kids

  1. Hi Neelina. I really appreciate your videos. They are very helpful.

    My daughter just turned two. We are looking for preschool options for her. We live in Florida. Could you please help me with some information about it. How did you choose the school your daughter is going to? What kind of school it is and what is her schedule there?

  2. U always keep anjali in diapers?dont she get rashes becoz of diapers…because my baby is also same age..but she is not wearing diapers all the time..

  3. U r so lucky that your daughter sits so paitiently…. my son is 2y 10 months now he makes me crazy and scares the he'll out of me with his activities…… terrible is the small word to describe about him ….

  4. Samyuktha adapala November 9, 2018 at 3:38 pm - Reply

    Lovely n useful video…can u tell me where did u get foxtail millets…searching for them in Indian groceries since long time

  5. Hi dear your cute daughter is become so sharp i love your all vlog?love u?fari from pakistan on 7 november my daughtet birthday her name is manal plz do wish her on 7 november love u?

  6. Hi dear, which part of Philadelphia do you live in? We are looking for a rented apartment there but couldn't find a good one. Your help will be much appreciated!

  7. Hi neelina.. I am your subscriber.. always looking for your videos..

    One kind request.. don't allow Anjali to keep her legs while sitting in 'W" shape.. actually it's not good..

  8. Wow Nileena…. yet another awesome vlog… your vlogs are really very informative… Anjali looks so cute ? your recipes are really good… I’m gonna try giving it to my daughter too… thanks for sharing ??

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