Paleo Diet 30 Days Challenge Day 8 with Recipes and Daily Budget !World Best Weight Loss Diet!

For Diet Chart: 8056795452 Paleo Diet 30 நாள் Diet Challenge Day 8 என்ன உண்பது எப்படி உண்பது paleo முழு விவரமும்…

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18 thoughts on “Paleo Diet 30 Days Challenge Day 8 with Recipes and Daily Budget !World Best Weight Loss Diet!

  1. Pavithra Dineshkumar March 23, 2020 at 5:33 pm - Reply

    Anna Nalla result theridhu .. 68.9 kg irundhen… IPO 66.1 kg .. neenga sonnamariye koranjirukku…. Thanks na … Anna next challenge podunga na. .. naan neraiya peruku recommend pannen unga challenge ah …. Ellarum kekradhu one month la korayara weight pathaadhu… Innum koraikinum weight.. so innum oru one month challenge podunga na….??neenga mass?

  2. Hi bro 3 days ah romba giltiness ah iruku and gas trouble mathiri chest pain mathiri iruku Enna pannalam solunga pls

  3. Super bro…na 1month tha paleo yaduthuttu irukan but wight 3kg than loss ahirukku Bro .85kg la irunthu 82 vanthurukan so konjam disappointed da iruku bro. Starting la one month ku ungaluku yatthana kg loss achu

  4. Bro I reduced 2 kg in 8 days thanks for ur guidance bro.. my weight 98.5 now 96.5 kg … I need to reduce 20-30 kg I have thyroid can I able to reduce tis much weight in 5 months???

  5. Bro what u said is exactly right I've taken blood test report 3weeks back & started my diet for the past 3 week to be honest I followed strict diet for 6 days and the magic happened yes from 89.2 kg to 87.4 then my head weight came like I Know everything went for a family function and started following regular food now checked 5 days back it's shows 89 again ? so again followed my Paleo diet without any compromise now my weight again came to 87kg so am planning to continue again without any cheating for at least 120 days this diet is really unbelievable ? may I know how much difference can I expect from now to 120 days like how many kgs will I lose ?? FYI I won't cheat again ?

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