Kidney Friendly Cooking Videos – 30 Minute Meals

St. Paul’s Hospital Renal Dietitians have created two cooking demonstration videos based on a series of cooking classes that were very popular with patients.

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5 thoughts on “Kidney Friendly Cooking Videos – 30 Minute Meals

  1. Question: So what if: 1. You have Hypoglycemia and 2. Had Kidneystones as was Dx'd by Doctors. Do you have suggestions/recommendations per recipes; etc.
    FH of Kidneystones and Blood Sugar issues, including my Hypoglycemia and family members Dx'd w/Diabetes.

  2. Real like this video, I just have a quick question. I thought that salmon was bad because it is really high in potassium. Not sure if that is correct. Is there any fish that is not high in potassium and high in phosphorus. Would really appreciate some feed back. Thank you.

  3. I thought CKD patients had to avoid animal protein, phosphorous & potassium & fats. This doesn't seem to be right at all.

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