Keto Lunch Recipes For Work & School – Low Carb Meal Prep For Ketogenic Diet

There is no one other place I can go that has such an enormous variety related to the way I eat and the way I live. And I know if it’s on Thrive Market, it’s going to …

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44 thoughts on “Keto Lunch Recipes For Work & School – Low Carb Meal Prep For Ketogenic Diet

  1. FlavCity with Bobby Parrish May 26, 2018 at 7:35 pm - Reply

    Macros for chicken salad, makes 5 servings:

    702 calories per serving

    1.27 grams of net carbs per serving

    57.5 grams of fat per serving

    40 grams of protein per serving

    0.6 grams of fiber per serving

    Macros per cloudbread, makes 8:

    92 calories per bread

    0.3 grams of net carbs per bread

    7.56 grams of fat per bread

    5.3 grams of protein per bread


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  2. Missed a few videos now binge watching even though I’m a more of a low carb diet not keto these recipes are looking so bomb!!!!!!! Can you do a video on easy foods that can be made with just like 2 or 3 ingredients? For when we’re running low on food but have to wait a day or so to go shopping

  3. If I bake the cloud bread for few other meals, how many days can I use one batch? Also, do I store it like regular bread?

  4. Missed y’all last week! I’ve been meaning to make some sort of keto bread to go with my tuna salad and such, so I’ll definitely be making this ?

  5. Bobby & Dez ? before even watching! Just not understand why you would not separate the eggs with the shells!

  6. Hi! I'm your new follower ? And I love you guys already. Thanks to Beth for mentioning you on her last post. Just waiting for my Thrive order. Then I can start making your recipes. Can't wait tho. Pretty sure it's good cause they look amazing! Love all your t- shirt ? by the way?

  7. Wow you have come a long way. These recipes are so keto. I remember some of your earlier recipes and said to myself ah these are not so keto. You definately got this one right on with the macros and the ingredients. I really enjoy your last few keto recipes.

  8. Oh yum! Chicken salad sandwiches were my jam! I have so been missing bread and I can't believe I hadn't seen this recipe for cloud bread before. Can't wait to give it a try! Shredding like Wolverine baby! You guys are so awesome!!!!! P.S. Desi, he better have shared that chicken skin! ?

  9. Could you do a video that tours your pantry?? I'm getting ready to move and wanted to revamp my pantry. I've been looking for a good video that tours a meal prep pantry! And I love all your recipes! Thank you!

  10. Another great video! Though you say ramekin but I say custard cup for the cracked whole egg. I'm a food nerd like that, lol.

  11. Are your spices in their original containers? I love the round, colorful ones they are in (paprika, cumin, etc). Thanks!!

  12. Well I had my meals picked out for next week now I have to change my list lol. this looks bomb. Super excited to try this. Keto lasagna with and without zucchini please.

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