Instant Dosa Recipe For Weight Loss – Oil Free & Healthy – Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast

super weight loss instant cucumber dosa recipe for breakfast, gluten free and vegan dosa to lose weight fast, diet plan to lose weight fast. coconut oil for weight …

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25 thoughts on “Instant Dosa Recipe For Weight Loss – Oil Free & Healthy – Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast

  1. can i use nallaenna for cukng nythg lyk ny typical south Indian dishes..
    i lyk using less oil while cukng bt my hubby insist me using more oil..
    can i use it fr deep frying also.

    and ya as usual uor dosa turned out awesome..
    m preparing it onc agn tmw ?

  2. wow chechi! really nice recipe… never thought cucumber could be added to the batter! nice innovative idea ?

  3. sudhamadhuri mokkarala April 27, 2017 at 6:39 am - Reply

    mam…is red rice ok for d recipe and if yes ….is it necessary to soak in hot water before night?

  4. Hello ji

    My question is very off the topic but I'm hoping you could help me advice me or guide me

    My mom has this nasty nasty cough for 25 years yes u read it rite 25 years since I was a little girls she's had it

    It's always been like come and go the cough it's so loud that if one is sitting next to her other persons ear starts to hurt

    She continuesly vomits from the cough
    I can write a book on the home remidies we have tried that work for a few days but then back to normal again

    As we live in uk we got one of the top docs here and they have done all sorts of test and tried medications but nothing seems to be working

    It's just dry cough no glen or anything
    Is there anything u can recommend I will be very greatful please

  5. Neharika Chandwani April 27, 2017 at 6:39 am - Reply

    please…make a video on how to quick n tasty Oats in 3 different ways please …. I really like your recipes n want u to make one on OATS

  6. nandini srirambhatla April 27, 2017 at 6:39 am - Reply

    it's a very good recipe, but being a Telugu speaking girl, I will like to feel free to correct you that it is not dosha, it's dosa. And I'm a big fan of ur recipes.

  7. Great video. Question, for dinner shouldn't we reduce carbs at nice for flat stomach? This is basically rice, how will this help for weight loss/belly loss?

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