Indian toddler diet plan | Indian kids meal routine | Picky eaters indian recipes

Today’s video is going to be Indian recipes for kids | Kids food recipes indian | Indian menu for toddlers and kids. I hope you find ideas on easy and healthy …

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43 thoughts on “Indian toddler diet plan | Indian kids meal routine | Picky eaters indian recipes

  1. Your son looks so calm and composed. And I have seen in most of videos he takes good care of anjali.
    What's his name ?
    God bless you and your family 🙂
    Your doing great work thanks.

  2. I think for food, the more you pamper kids they get pampered. For eating 1 banana, you hve put so many not healthy/ fatty items like cocopwd, peanut butter & topped with choco. Well, i wud surely not prefer this.
    You can try with dates syrup/ whole dates crushed
    The last soya dish is yuck! I will not be able to eat this
    Hving said above, i love your vedios. But they need to be more studied to mke it better.

  3. U r really nice….all recipe r so nice nd too much healthy for kids…..nd i make sure the recipe for my little ones…..nd both of yr kids r so nice…nd good bonding with each other….. Nd Anjali is so pretty…..such a good looking … some time she is so pretty…nd some time she is tom boy…. like super….when i am in age of 3. Or 4. I m almost looks like a tom boy….when i see anjali …i remember my that time…nd missing my childhood……. lots of love dear ?nd yes little dosa r so good…

  4. Hi dear.. I liked ur videos soooo much.. u r soooo energetic.. so inspiring.. keep upload videos like this plz..

    When u started to make ur 18 month baby to eat herself.. I am having 13 month baby now.. I want to make him also same.. pls guide me dear..

  5. I wonder how do you get your little one to eat so nicely.. My daughter is 20months and I'm struggling a lot with her food habits.. You have to share tips on how did u teach her to chew food.. How did u make her a good eater at this age.. I love your videos and watch them regularly 🙂 love you and your family!! Bless you all!!

  6. God bless your kids …so well behaved ? my little one is a boss baby. Beautiful little bully. She is 20 months now and refuses to drink water from sipper.. forget a glass. Plus she doesn't sleep through the night even now. So the crib is a station for washed laundry now ?. Let me know if you have any tips to handle this one. My older one (now 6) was a breeze in comparison. You seem so calm. Bless you.

  7. Sangeetha Natarajan August 27, 2018 at 12:21 pm - Reply

    Hi your videos all too good. My two boy 3year old and girl 1year old babies not at all eating any food. Am always doing force feeding ly.

  8. Hello nileena, I have just started watching ur videos.. they r just amazing and i like all ur recipes.. keep doing such nice videos.. I have 2 boy kids, one is 5 yrs old and the younger one is 2yrs old.. they are picky eaters.. so looking for new recipies which are healthy for kids.. I will definitely try ur recipes 🙂
    I was just wondering where did you buy the dosa pan and the big pot for making dal and beans curry etc.. pls let me know ?

  9. Hey!! New subbie here and Im liking your videos. Did you give your kids salt in theor food when they were less than 1 year?

  10. These are some really nice healthy recipes. A must try in my kitchen now. Yes, presentation is equally important as we savour food with our eyes first. Good!

  11. Coconut chutney is super healthy. Coconut is high in fibre and minerals and is known to improve your HDL. Please research before saying it's bad .coconut oil and coconut are the safest to consume as proven by generations if people in coastal areas

  12. I love all your videos… you are very well deserved to get lakh subscribers at this time…. your videos are full of good content… keep going.. all the best for your upcoming videos

  13. Hi mam. It's good tat anjali is eating by her own without yr help. My son is 2.1yrs but he don't know to feed himself. I always feed.its not too late to give him practice. But how do I?? Need ur suggestions

  14. Hi..without watching till.end i like da Video..bcoz ur a good Nd caring Mom ..May i also be A Mom Like u in future insha Allah

  15. Mam my baby is now 18month old but he is saying only mumma papa car… These word only.. So is that ok or should i consider a dr. Plssss tell me mam

  16. Nice receipes … one suggestion dear , plz put high chair n dinning table for ur daughter ? bcz she s not comfortable I think soo ..

  17. archana korvipally August 27, 2018 at 12:21 pm - Reply

    Hi Can I use cocoa powder for 18 months old.

    Can I feed coconut milk for 18 months old, if yes which brand will be good.

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