HOW I LOST 20 POUNDS IN ONE MONTH: Whole30, Paleo, etc. Email me at

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20 thoughts on “HOW I LOST 20 POUNDS IN ONE MONTH: Whole30, Paleo, etc.

  1. For those who are not understanding the whole point of the whole30 is to cut out foods that are inflammatory out of your diet for 30 days, and after those 30 days you introduce one food group at a time and see how your body reacts. After which you modify your normal diet accordingly. It's great that you lost weight and this diet is really hard, but the reason you can't cheat is because it screws with your bodies ability to tell what's actually bothering you. So if you already know then you can just do a paleo diet, or 95% whole30. The reason I bring it up is because there are people who will start this diet because of you, but will be misinformed and won't get the full benefits of it. Other than that great video and good job.

  2. Nice video. Have to admit I clicked on the video because I thought you were super cute but the video was super helpful and I subscribed 🙂

  3. Great job and you look terrific. just a few notes. We do this diet with my friends now. Whey protein you showed contains milk, not part of this diet. Also, you forgot to emphasize how important it is not to eat sugar, added sugar in any products. Coconut milk you showed has carrageenan which I suggest to avoid if you can. Anyway, great mindful eating, always support that!

  4. Unfortunately was not able to continue watching because of the shaky camera movements. Was too nauseous. But I listened to it and felt inspired.

  5. Holy Baby Jesus, you are beautiful!
    PS. I'd met Dallas and Melissa the founders, in a seminar in Tacoma, WA around 2009. They are really inspiring to me.

  6. hi there, u apparently r an inspiration to people, but as usual there are going to be trolls who have to be negative. ..ignore them, u don't need to defend urself.
    I gained alot of weight last 2 years from anti depressants and ate junk or not at all and stopped working out, I was sooo fit. I lost all my strength and gained cellulite everywhere, even my arms. I have now become an introvert bc I'm humiliated to let anyone see me, as I am or was, a fitness educator. I can't get myself to workout..idk why..will Cross fit really help shed this very high fat percentage? I heard it is not great for weight loss, just making someone who is fit, much much fitter and stronger. I want to try the Josie diet, was it Paleo?
    I can't go through summer number 3 (2017) hiding out inside, no social life at all..I need to start now.
    any feedback please on crossfit and paleo for quick and healthy weight loss? I need to start Sept 1 and lose 60 pounds by June 1.

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