Healthy Ramadan Meal Recipes For Iftar

Ramadan healthy recipes – In this video I show you guys how to prepare delicious healthy iftar meal I had while trying to maintain a healthy eating habit this …

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20 thoughts on “Healthy Ramadan Meal Recipes For Iftar

  1. Thank you sis for the recipes , I need more please. Can I just say , I noticed in the background you have 5l of KtC veg or sunflower oil. Please see the back of this and you will note that it says hydrogenated from soy. This soy genetically modified from the u.s and hydrogenated pumps hydrogen in to the oil to give it volume. So this is very unhealthy cooking oil. Please throw this away. Use only cold pressed oil for frying like rape seed or just use organic ghee. Salaams.

  2. Jessica Matthews May 20, 2018 at 6:53 pm - Reply

    If you put a damp paper towel or towel under your cutting board it won't slip around like that. It helps a lot!

  3. Salaam sis and Ramadan Kareem Mubarak to you. I love your video's and your accent. I hope you read my comment. ???

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