Healthy Classic Minestrone Soup | Easy One Pot Recipes

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38 thoughts on “Healthy Classic Minestrone Soup | Easy One Pot Recipes

  1. Liked, Subbed & Bell. Love the channel. Question: Is there a recipe for a shake/smoothie that has all the nutrients needed to stay healthy indefinitely. Reason: Looking for a food option for days I am on the move and need the extra time to work, Instead of eating good on those days I get dooped into eating like crap because it is more convenient and quicker. I love to cook and sous-vide about everything but i want a super drink 🙂 -cheers

  2. Nikole I really love your channel and get lots of inspiring recipes btw I'm Italian and would never out fusilli in a minestrone. I believe the closest thing to what we use that you can find there is maccheroni( those used for mac and cheese). My favourite soup is Bean soup or lentil soup, I find them to be super comforting during colder months. Cheers from Italy!

  3. I’ll definitely be trying this recipe. My favourite soup is broccoli soup, using coconut milk as well as veggie stock ???

  4. I need to surprise my mom and make this for her. Minestrone is her favorite soup but I don't think she's ever had it homemade!

  5. At university I used to get a tomato jalapeno soup that was to die for! Haven't found a good recipe for it yet so that would be my request for you ❤??

  6. Mmmmm this looks great – slightly different than how I make it but love trying new ways!!!!! Also fav soups include sweet potatoe or mushroom! ??❤️❤️??

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