Hey guys! Today I wanted to share some of my favorite weight loss salad recipes that helped me to lose weight. These are healthy and easy to make, and are …

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35 thoughts on “5 HEALTHY SALAD RECIPES FOR WEIGHT LOSS | Easy Lunch & Dinner Ideas!

  1. Let's do this everyone cx and enjoy the video send lots of love and support to liezl Jayne as her subscribers and fans and let's show her how much we love her videos

  2. Too bad that I really DON’T like salads …. I actually hate eating raw vegetables except cucumbers ?. I love eating cucumbers raw actually. I’m gonna try the first one but I’m gonna cook all the vegetables ??

  3. thank you liezl!! i love your recipe & food prep videos they are so helpful. i absolutely LOVE all of your overnight oats recipes and theyve become an every day staple for me. I eat one for breakfast every day of the week, cant wait to try these salads especailly the honey mustard chicken one, mmmm

  4. They look so healthy and yummy! I risk to say that you love spinach…
    BTW your recipes made me love healthy food! Thanks so much!!

  5. Salad recipes look great because it's simple and easy. i love all your recipes. Just made your Acai bowl recipe (I did swap out the banana for greek yogurt because to cut down sugar content) and definitely one I will be going to since it's the only one I know that uses powder instead of puree packets.

    I did noticed that you don't make soups very often. Is it because it's not very filling or did you not have the kitchen utensils to make them? Also noticed the lack of seafood.

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  7. I ate McDonald's for lunch and I'm so disappointed, ahh. But after all, I have been eating healthy all week, so one meal won't hurt! It's just crazy that meals from home are like 10g of fat, while one meal at McDonald's is 40g+! I'll try one of these salads today for dinner (:

  8. I loved the chicken and rice salad.. And also the quinoa salad.. Just had a baby.. So its perfect timing to start thinking about healthy eating again.. Thank u Liezl.. Love ur videos!

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