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25 thoughts on “5 Healthy Beef Recipes For Weight Loss

  1. Wow amazing, I was looking for a good healthy option for a burger bun. Would have never thought cauliflower could be used. Thank you sooooo much!!??

  2. Amazing recipes. Thank you. Quick tip for juicy burgers tho, never press on the patties, and cover them for a minute for each side ?

  3. @serious fitness will nutrient facts will be same if we replace beef with chicken.i hope u come up with same recipes as in this video but with chicken….

  4. Childishwolfgang May 28, 2020 at 3:40 pm - Reply

    Recipes look great, except the burger. The cauliflower bun is a fine idea, but that is NOT how you cook a burger. You do not mix anything into the meat, only s&p on the outside. Do not press down on the burger and do not flip more than once. Let sit for 5 minutes before plating and eating. Thank me later.

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