who loves food as much as I do???? hey hi hello hola what is up mis amigos!! – I hope you all enjoyed this video and have a wonderful day! recipes: pancakes: – 1 cup oats – 1 cup plant milk…

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34 thoughts on “4 QUICK + HEALTHY VEGAN RECIPES | Reese Regan

  1. hey reese
    i am still taking your advice. i am afraid i won't be able to go to the underjog at my old school for the memorial of my friend amy. i might see if i can get my switch in august because it looks like my surgery will be in august. i do not get to see my friends and if my mom has my 2 dogs put down before the surgery i will get really sad and angry. reese i am not afraid to stay home alone when gracey is with me. i hope if all is well i can get my switch in august with super mario odyssey. reese you may be the nicest friend i can trust but you have no idea how crazy super mario odyssey is. reese super mario 64 is where you roam around a castle jumping through paintings that brings you to a different course and you roam around and complete an objective to get a power star and there are 120 power stars collecting 100 gold coins 8 red coins you will be asked to race a coopa troopa to the flag or race a penguin down this ice road and not fall off. no short cuts. you will have to bring the baby penguin to it's mother. reese you'll have power stars to collect in the castle hub as well by completing reaces catching a rabbit. if you see me play through super mario 64 hget used to seeing me running to catch a rabbit because that is in super mario galaxy and i do not know if you'll chase rabbits to get power stars. reese my cousin has no idea how big super mario galaxy 2 really is yeah you play through super mario galaxy and if you get all 120 power stars you can play as luigi. but if you get all 120 power stars as luigi then you have a grand finale. super mario galaxy 2 well you are mario but in world 3 you'll gain the ability where if luigi in in the level you go to you can switch to luigi by talking to him and you now have 120 main power stars and you'll have to beat the final boss to get the special world and get the rest of the power stars and beat the final boss again reese and if you think you are done you would be mistaking because now you have 120 green power stars. after that you'll get the grand finale level the grandmaster galaxy which you'll get the last 2 power stars thus 120 + 120 is 240 and that doesn't include the grandmaster galaxy which then means there are 242 power stars. reese i started that game back up when my best friend died. my favoritest friend who died she looked after me in school because i was tormented about my colostomy my teacher told me i was gross because of my colostomy so i still believe that. my teacher's aid said my teeth where always disgusting even when i took care of them if i druled because of my cleft lip and pallettand my nose was runny i was told i was gross and no one would hang out with me. i was always judged. the teacher's aid that was mean to me was my teacher at high school. reese i called every day trying to figure out what day my jaw surgery. would be back in 2015 because i thought what those mean teachers said was true and i was disgusting. my surgery was september 9th 2015. reese it was painful. i truely think i'm not good enough. see i am still hurting because of my stomache. my birthday is august 8th and all i want for my birthday is a friend who will like me and eccept me as a friend. now in super mario odyssey you will get power moons and you'll have some where you have to catch a rabbit like you did in mario 64 and super mario galaxy.

  2. Awesome online video! Hereabouts at Y&S FOOD! we love to detect this amazing contents. We produce Travel & Food video as well, around the the world, so we are always searching for inspirations and so techniques. Thank You.

  3. you have been absolutely ON TOP of your youtube game! always such great videos coming from you, you go girl ?

  4. Hey reese
    I took your advice and I did some work out with just dance and due to my back problems Iost my balance and fell over. You'll see the camera face the ceiling and you'll here me moan In pain. Reese if you'll like my video I'll upload it but reese you are amazing. You have me feeliing like I can get healthier. Your videos are making me happy

  5. Please make a video about your experience at temple university last year! As an incoming freshman it would be super helpful ❤️

  6. I am dieting and you might ve me on the right track. I am eating lightly because of my intestine. I hink I should eat extra bananas. You are an amazing friend. I do hae other health problems. I want to try the bananas on peanut butter toast. I'm having macaroni ad cheese. If I have to be u der weight to be eccepted I will do it.

  7. Luiza Monteiro May 2, 2018 at 4:33 pm - Reply

    Omg these all look delicious! Do you look for recipes of the foods you know or do you get inspiration from somewhere?? I tried being vegan once but I stay the whole day away from home and always get demotivated because I can't think of foods but I wanna go vegan so badly!

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