2 OMELET RECIPES FOR THE SCD (Easy Specific Carbohydrate Diet meal idea- Crohn's Disease diet)

One basic omelette, one curry cauliflower omelette. Two easy and delicious meal ideas for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Full of great nutrition and perfect for …

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9 thoughts on “2 OMELET RECIPES FOR THE SCD (Easy Specific Carbohydrate Diet meal idea- Crohn's Disease diet)

  1. Hi Erica. Your videos are inspirational to me especially since I've discovered a fistula. ?. Also I have crohns and I'm hoping to switch to the scd. Soon. It sucks cause I love sweets. Ps. Your beautiful ?

  2. That is a nice knife, what is the brand name for the knife.
    You cut like you are a professional cook, pretty talented.
    I am afraid of sharp things, I cut at such a slow rate compared to you.
    Keep in mind, I have just started chopping this year,
    prior to this year my diet didn't have many veggies.
    This year, I am eating 80 cooked veggies for my IBD

    I like your cooking channel, your a incredible teacher.
    I also like 'Good Eats Official' as I don't drink, smoke, all I do
    is focus on my health. I used to focus on my anger, and now
    I am focused on my health. (trying) Thank you again.

    Oh, I searched 'london ontario kitchen supply' and I am sure I will find
    a good knife, maybe even a cast iron frying pan as well.

  3. Tip: If your going to binge watch all of the HackYourHealth videos,
    What I do is a thumbs UP, and later, if I decide to look at playlist for example, or if I am randomly
    going from video to video. The THUMBS UP reminds me that I have already seen the video.
    That is how bad my memory is and one thing I do to compensate.

  4. I like to cook my vegetables more so they are soft and it also decreases the volume so that the omelette stays together. I also add butter right before I add the eggs. Can u make a bone broth recipe?

  5. Hi there…I've been on the SCD diet for about two months or so, but I feel I've hit a few problems which idk how to get out of. Too many veggies give me loose stools now, so I stopped those. Now I can't seem to digest too much protein so I bloat. I've tried enzymes as well but feel they provoke loose stools too. Would you happen to have some advice? It's okay if you don't, I'm just trying to keep up with the diet cause I started very well and now I can't figure out how to keep going. Thanks in advance!

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