10 Recipes under 100 Calories | Weight Loss Recipes by GunjanShouts

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40 thoughts on “10 Recipes under 100 Calories | Weight Loss Recipes by GunjanShouts

  1. On independent day this time our PM has said that we have to go for Vocal for local. Means local seasonal items are good for health. If our old millets like ragi, jower, bajra, makkai, varagu etc are used insted of rice or wheat we willbe able to maintain health. Also the genetically modified gluten rich present day wheat can be exported insted of marketing in our south india among rice eating people to cause disease like diabetes.Padmabhushan Dr. B. M Hegde says gluten affect beta cells and make man permenantly diabetic. Our kissan will get the chance of increasing production of millets to feed us and by exporting excess wheat we will be bringing PM's slogan 'Make for world' into practice. So let malayalees donot consume wheat and wheat products and reduce the consumption. Of rice to accomodate various millets. Suggestion is that dosa, idli, puttu,idiyappam, appam, etc are prepared without rice and chappathi without wheat and let us be healthy.

  2. I am following your recipes religiously 😂 daily making new new dishes. Today making nutty apple smoothie ❤️ keep sharing

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