WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | Whole30 recipes

My latest What I Eat in a Day video is all Whole30 recipes (and includes some Whole30 meal prep). Many of you are pursuing a Whole30 after a holiday period …

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30 thoughts on “WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | Whole30 recipes

  1. Happy New Year! I hope you guys had a wonderful holiday and I'm happy to be back this week with a new What I Eat in a Day video that has all Whole30 recipes. I know many are doing a #januarywhole30 and while I'm not doing a full Whole30 this month, I'm doing a mini reset. If it's your first time doing a Whole30 let me know below (and check out my website for a Whole30 shopping list, snack guide and more info). If you're a Whole 30 veteran, tell everyone how many times you've done it and what your favorite Whole30 recipe is! Happy 2019 friends! xo – Lisa

  2. Christine Angel Harris-James January 8, 2019 at 11:56 am - Reply

    I have been looking for cooking inspiration that is easy and healthy. Really looking forward to trying the chicken recipe and the cauliflower houmous. I go to the gym but know my food balance needs working on so many am really encouraged by your videos. Thanks. I will check out your website too xxxx

  3. Hello Lisa, I wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR and Thanks for this video once more so insperationnal… I prep the alfredo sauce last night and it was perfect … will make other recipe later this week… Many thanks again (y)

  4. Hi, Love your videos. Always high quality and relaxing to me :). May I ask where did you get the white casserole pan and the white stir fry pan in your video? Looks like they are a set? TIA.

  5. Are you gluten intolerant or just gluten-free by choice 🙂 ? Just found your channel. Love these What I eat in a days videos. Just got my new Vitamix ascent 3500 and searched for recipes online and found your channel 🙂 I’m definitely inspired.

  6. I know what I’m having tomorrow! 🤗Thank you for such delicious inspiration! Also, the cauliflower hummus is something I’ve never seen before. I adore hummus, but it didn’t adore my tummy, so I can’t wait to try this version. Thank you!

  7. I have the same pan i do the same thing except i put back on the stove to boil for a few minutes and the dried on foo just about falls off. 😀

  8. A Clutter-Free Life January 8, 2019 at 11:56 am - Reply

    loved everything but couldn't help but say it's not humus if there is no chickpea; the word humus in Arabic literally means chickpeas hehe 🙂

  9. Hi, Lisa! Thank you again for another beautiful video 🙂 your content has inspired me ever since I found you on YouTube!

    I’m a bit of a knife enthusiast and can’t help but notice your knives are a tad dull in several videos, despite being high-qualify knives. The scraping motion that most people tend to use to gather up their chopped, diced, or minced food actually dulls the blade over time, so try flipping the knife over and sliding food across the cutting board with the spine (top) of the blade instead. Oh, and I always hand-wash! With the proper care, I have found my knives don’t need to be sharpened for many, many months and they slice through tiny cherry tomatoes with ease! Definitely a scary reality, though 😅 I have to be careful. Happy new year!!! ✨

  10. That chicken casserole would be so good with some toasted chopped almonds for some added crunch! I would probably also use zuchinni or spinach instead of/with the broccoli, and maybe add some bacon too 😍

  11. I've been considering a Whole30 diet, and duplicating what you did for your meal prep sounds like a perfect start! That chicken broccoli bake looks especially WONDERFUL!!

  12. Just found you! Inspiring and informative. Love your combination of down to earth wisdom and fantastic video work and editing! Thanks!

  13. I was so excited to see a new video, especially since it’s a what I eat in a day!
    Do you think you could do a what I eat in a day video for those on Paleo?

  14. Jacqueline Peperkamp January 8, 2019 at 11:56 am - Reply

    Thankyou….throughly enjoyed your video today….was rather relaxing and very informative. I'm definately going to try ALL of these….and for my husband too. Thankyou very much.

  15. I absolutely love your what I eat in a day videos! I am going to try all of these recipes. I always look forward to your what I eat in a day videos. Thank you for making them!

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