What I Eat In A Day | Pescatarian Diet

Hello again lovelies! Today is all about food. Sharing what I eat in a day during the week.Hope you like it 🙂 Recipe to Homemade Haitian Seasoning https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vD0PR0yTl9k&t=49…

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44 thoughts on “What I Eat In A Day | Pescatarian Diet

  1. I don't understand why people kept mentioning you eat a lot. I don't think you eat a lot at all! Loved watching. Keep up the lifestyle and food!

  2. I’ve been drinking green juice for 5 years now. And I’ve been experimenting with all kinds of flavors and landed at the exact same ingredients as you. How crazy

  3. Samuel. S. L. Henshaw January 11, 2018 at 7:55 pm - Reply

    I’m pescatarian too. Thank you so much for this video I NEED to try that lentil salmon salad it looked amazing :))). Just goes to show you don’t need to calorie count to be healthy or lose weight, just plain, simple, healthy foods 😉

  4. Wow this looks like really good clean eating! I recently have had to drastically change my diet. I recently found out i have diverticulosis. Its a digestive disorder that effects the colon. I have had to radicaly change my diet. And i am happy to do so. I can honestly say wow what a difference and i can honestly say my body feels so much better. I am so limited to what i can eat. And must include high fiber in my diet. And take in more healthy proteins other than the usual red meats and starches. This looks so great ty for sharing !

  5. I would suggest killing the egg (dairy) also tilapia is a man made fish I suggest not to eat that! I'm a pescatarian but I choose to focus more on hybrid Foods. Good suggestions Grace n Peace my Sis. #Staywoke💜

  6. Thanks for the video. I recently became a pescatarian but I don’t eat sugar, bread, any processed foods, no farm raised fish, no tilapia (very bad). I eat all healthy vegetarian foods and only wild caught seafoods. The skin on the salmon is where all the omega 3 is. If I were you I’d not throw out the skin. Processed sugar will raise your insulin level and put your body into fat storing mode. Sorry but chocolate chip cookies and chips are very processed/bad foods which defeats the purpose of being pescatarian.

  7. Recently turned pescatarian and my grand mother sometimes makes pork and offers me it and shell get the death stare

  8. Im sorry but you are really ugly and i find you ugliness distracting so i am unable to subscribe. I did enjoy the recipe though thanks

  9. Wow when you made breakfast I kept thinking "wow I wish I could eat like this"! I can't have juice and coffee together I feel sick if I mix the two

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