What I Eat In A Day LOW CARB | easy vegan recipes & TRAINING

What I Eat In A Day and come training with me! Working on some weight loss so less carbs than usual! Hope you guys enjoy! Music – CR Blacks – Potential: …

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30 thoughts on “What I Eat In A Day LOW CARB | easy vegan recipes & TRAINING

  1. Thank you so so much to all of you who leave such kind comments, subscribe, like or message me!!!! LOOVEEEEEE you guys man!!! 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

  2. What do the noodles taste like. I have tried the shiritaki noodles and didn't like them at all. Are these any better?

  3. I am on a low carb diet. I was diagnosed as Pre-Diabetic nearly two years ago. I have been getting bored with having meat every day. Although my Blood sugar is well under control now, I wanted some ideas for my meals. Looked at your video and your food looks absolutely delicious. I have clicked the subscribe button and the bell, so am looking forward to more recipes.

  4. Thanks to Anthony William medical medium, I just found out nutritional yeast is pure MSG! Thrown mine OUT! Just made this for the second time without the yeast and it’s even better, more mozzarella cheese than cheddar cheese 👍

  5. I had got word how carbohydrate food were connected with weight gain and also generally to try to avoid carbohydrates, but yet had never considered using them to lose excess weight. The fundamental idea behind the four cycle fat loss strategy is to train your whole body to melt fat for energy in comparison to carbohydrate. It’s built around the latest scientific principles into the high carb dietary habits of the Japanese as well as their impressive long-life expectancy. The research indicate that it’s their higher than average carb-cycling eating habits technique which helps to go on remaining healthy and balanced into old age with a minimal body mass index (much lower incidence of overweight).Read more here https://truehealthreport.com/4-cycle-fat-loss-fat-burning-diet/

  6. I just made the lasagne….. oh my god! It’s so good, flavourful, creamy, tomatoey goodness! This is a definitely a keeper! Thank you Rachel, love and appreciate you videos 😘😘😍

  7. Have you tured doing light yoga for stretching and balance? It could potentially help you with your knots!! Hope you feel better though!!!
    You're awesome

  8. i am a vegan i went vegan to help with my blood sugar levels cause im diabetic im lossing lot of weight like i went from 225 to 209.6 but i need to lower my blood sugar and i think its the carbs raising it. so i will try this low carb vegan thing.

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